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    Protesters Greet Melania Trump at Boston Hospital to Promote Program That Helps Babies Born on Drugs

    Protesters Greet Melania Trump at Boston Hospital to Promote Program That Helps Babies Born on Drugs

    “This is not a person that we want to come to our home, our hospital.”

    First Lady Melania Trump went to Boston Medical Center (BMC) to promote the hospital’s program to cuddle babies born on drugs.

    The hatred for the Trump family takes precedence over the promotion of a beautiful program to help babies in need. Even though her visit brought attention to BMC’s program, around 200 BMC employees protested Melania’s visit.

    From Fox News:

    Outside Boston Medical Center in the city’s South End, as many as 200 workers protested the visit, saying the first lady represented an administration who they say has discouraged immigrants from seeking health care with tough immigration policies. Some carried signs that read “BMC cares for all patients” and “We believe that healthy women = healthy families = healthy society.”

    “Families need to be together, that the best way to support children’s development is for them to be with their families,” Carmen Rosa Norona, a psychotherapist working with young children affected by trauma, told The Associated Press. “That being the children, having the possibility to grow up with their families, is a human right in that the policies of separating families are a violation of those rights.”

    “This is not a person that we want to come to our home, our hospital,” added Cecilia Girard, a 26-year employee who works as a nurse-midwife.

    Some people wore coats mocking the one Melania wore to visit migrant children. Hers said, “I really don’t care. Do U?” Her office insisted it did not contain a hidden message.

    As you can see in the video, people wrote on their coats, “I really do care. Do U?”

    Instead of concentrating on the protesters, Melania chose to focus on those who needed the attention: the drug-addicted babies.

    Melania had a roundtable lunch with BMC president Kate Walsh, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, Massachusetts First Lady Lauren Baker, and doctors from the hospital.

    Melania learned about BMC’s Cuddling Assists in Lowering Maternal and Infant Stress (CALM) program. Volunteers and other mothers come in to cuddle with babies born addicted to drugs and alcohol as they go through neonatal abstinence syndrome.

    Studies have shown this cuddling helps the babies as they go through drug or alcohol withdrawal.

    After lunch, Melania went to the Pediatric Intensive Unit to meet with other doctors, along with families and children in the CALM program.

    But, again, who cares that she brought attention to this relevant and useful program. Who cares that Melania has a heart of gold and truly cares about other human beings.

    This is just more proof her husband has truly broken people.


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    It’s very easy to freeze the video and count the protesters. There were about 100 visible.

    Hollymon | November 8, 2019 at 12:38 pm

    I was born and raised in Boston and have lived in Massachusetts for pretty much my entire life. This protest does not surprise me one bit. Massachusetts is the nut capital of the nation. Only in Massachusetts will people protest against a woman whose great offense was to show up to cuddle drug-addicted babies.

    My real concern here is the precedent that is even now being set into stone. Anyone is fair game. No place or event is off limits. Common civility needs to be replaced by righteous indignation. Does anybody really think that when the next Democrat is elected president that his or her entire family won’t be subjected to this kind of boorish, moronic behavior? I don’t. I think that pay back will be ten-fold.

    All of this outrage culture is being driven by the current twenty minute news cycle. It’s a monster that demands feeding and will not be denied.

    RickTheBear | November 11, 2019 at 7:42 pm

    As a nurse, I’m embarrassed. I hope that they didn’t protest on company time.

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