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    Warren Goes All In for Unions: Eliminate Right-to-Work, ‘Remake’ Federal Courts

    Warren Goes All In for Unions: Eliminate Right-to-Work, ‘Remake’ Federal Courts

    The millionaire candidate preaches against evil corporations once again, but makes no mention of the corruption and lies deep inside these beloved unions.

    2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) continues to showcase her love for big government and socialist ideas. Now she has an idea she considers “the most progressive and comprehensive agenda for workers since the New Deal.”

    Warren released her latest plan to bolster unions, which would eliminate right-to-work laws in states, $15-an-hour minimum wage, and “remake” federal courts with nominees who take a pledge to “support working people.”

    Warren’s Plan

    Warren, who is worth $12 million and resides in a #3 million home, splattered the plan with her usual dog whistles blasting corporations, Wall Street, the rich, etc.

    The senator believes her plan will “empower workers and raise wages.” The details offer a different story based in fantasyland similar to her Medicare-for-All plan.

    According to Warren, the collapse of unions caused workers to lose protections. She blames it on “giant corporations and their allies in Washington and in state governments.” Of course, the unions share non of the blame:

    A key reason is the systematic attack on unions by giant corporations and their allies in Washington and in state governments. The percentage of unionized workers has plummeted from roughly 35% to just over 10% since the 1950s, leaving too many workers without a strong voice in the workplace. But the problem goes beyond this frontal assault. Decades of accumulating decisions in corporate boardrooms and in Washington have shifted more and more power into the hands of Wall Street managers, CEOs, and other elites – and money along with it.

    We cannot have a truly democratic society with so little power in the hands of working people. We cannot have sustained and inclusive economic growth without a stronger labor movement. That’s why returning power to working people will be the overarching goal of my presidency.

    Here’s a disturbing portion. Warren wants to “remake” federal courts with nominees who pledge to “support working people.” She wrote:

    That starts at the top: I pledge as President to nominate a demonstrated advocate for workers to fill any Supreme Court vacancy. We can’t afford more decisions from the Supreme Court and appellate courts that strip workers of rights and hand more power to corporations.

    Basically Warren wants the federal government to control all these evil corporations through regulations and rules. These labor rights must extend to all employees, which means she wants to eliminate the term “independent contractors.” Graduate students will also be known as employees. She wants to expand the definition of “employee” so those at franchises can unionize. Her plan also expands the definition of “supervisor,” which means anyone who worked under that term may join one.

    Then comes the attack on right-to-work states because God forbid people choose not to join a union or pay dues to the union they do not join:

    Prohibiting states from enacting so-called “right to work” laws: Twenty-eight states currently have “right to work” laws, which prohibit unions and employers from agreeing that any employee who benefits from a union contract should have to pay dues to support the union. These state laws deprive union treasuries of funds needed to represent workers, bargain contracts, and organize new workers, and are associated with significantly lower wages for workers. I’ve led the fight to repeal the federal law that permits states to pass these anti-worker laws, and enacting that change will be a top priority of mine as President.

    Warren then promises a $15-an-hour minimum wage for all workers, reviving the mandatory overtime pay, and protect pensions. She also promises to help union workers smoothly transition to her socialist Medicare for All socialist plan.

    The Truth

    In Warren’s utopia world everyone is the same. Every person has the same needs and wants. Individuality does not exist. Warren wants to force people to work something like eight-hour days. What if I want to work 12 hours? What if I want to put in the extra time?

    John Stossel pointed out on September 4 that at one point we needed unions, but now many leaders are corrupt and incite violence:

    When I worked for ABC, delivery trucks for the New York Daily News were attacked with sticks, stones and fire on the first day of a strike. Some drivers were beaten.

    Not satisfied with attacking the company and threatening violence against “scabs” who want to work, union protestors threatened newsstands that continued to sell the Daily News. Protestors seized copies of the paper and set them on fire.

    Police did little to quell the violence.

    No wonder many companies prefer to work with nonunion labor.

    Will Warren do anything when confronted with this ugly truth about unions? Look at the United Auto Workers (UAW) in Detroit, MI. The policies from the union “have hurt more than just blue-collar workers” and “helped destroy Detroit’s economy.”

    The feds investigated the UAW for four years, which led to numerous raids, including the home UAW President Gary Jones. The investigation “secured prison sentences for eight people connected to the union, Fiat Chrysler, and Automobiles NV.”

    Authorities supposedly “have evidence of blatant corruption, including ‘wads’ of cash and files that confirm long-held suspicions that the union’s leaders spent workers’ dues on vacations, private villas in Palm Springs, and other luxuries.” The investigation expanded into the possibility those “union leaders made money from tax-exempt nonprofit organizations connected to the UAW and kept cash from union funds intended to pay for flowers for workers’ funerals.”

    All in all, the people may face “charges under federal racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations [RICO] laws.”

    If convicted the UAW faces federal oversight. The feds had federal oversight of the Teamsters after domination from the Mafia for 30 years. Get this. The oversight forced the Teamsters “to adopt new election practices and fairer wages.”

    Ironic, isn’t it?

    Google “union corruption” and you’ll find numerous stories of corrupt unions taking advantage of the “little people” they swore to protect.


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    I think Warren would be suprised at how many solid republicans are rank and file union members. Sure the big shots at the top swear fealty to dems but not at all in the trenches. I’m retired Teamster and have seen firsthand the support for Republicans. It didn’t help dems when Carter deregulated trucking industry in 1978 and cost Teamsters thousands of jobs. IIRC they endorsed Reagan both times.
    I think Lizzie must be after the public sector unions. The ones that are bankrupting their state and then when they retire with their very generous pensions they move. See IL perfect example.

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