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    Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Scream ‘Impeach the Motherf*cker’ Outside Supreme Court

    Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Scream ‘Impeach the Motherf*cker’ Outside Supreme Court

    It’s not a grassroots protest. Partners included Women’s March, Center for American Progress, and NARAL.

    When will these people learn that their ways to voice their displeasure is the only way to push people away from their cause?

    Protesters blocked the street outside of the Supreme Court on Sunday to mark Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s one-year anniversary. They screamed, “Impeach the motherf*cker!” before they made their way to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s house.

    Not Grassroots

    These people cannot stand the fact that the Senate confirmed Kavanaugh after he faced numerous allegations of sexual assault. There’s a few problems with that: no corroboration, no evidence, no proof.

    Women’s March promoted the protest in September with the website The main partners included the Women’s March CPD Action, and Demand Justice. Other partnerships came from NARAL, Center for American Progress, National Women’s Health Network, and National Council of Jewish Women.

    The website encouraged people to RSVP, but also wanted participants to have training before the protest. To the shock of no one, the groups participate in capitalism by selling merchandise.

    Kavanaugh is Coming For You!

    Rep. Ayanna Pressley joined the people as they caused havoc for those trying to navigate around Washington, DC:

    “Last year you came to Washington, many of you quite literally putting your bodies on the line,” Pressley told a crowd in front of the Supreme Court building. “Many of you disclosed for the first time to yourselves, and then to your family, and then to complete strangers, that you were a victim of this crime. And it is a crime.”

    “Many of you did that for the very first time,” she continued. “You chronicled the abuse and assaults that you have endured because you know that those stories, as painful as they are to share, that they change the conversation.”

    “Kavanaugh may have that seat for now, but what you, what we are fighting for is so much bigger than one insecure man blinded by his privilege,” Pressley said. “You are fighting for the liberation and injustice for all of us because you know that are destinies are tied. For generations, we have softened our language and moderated our tone. No more.”

    “My liberty, my humanity, my bodily autonomy is not yours to shackle. No man, no institution – no matter how revered – will come between us and our inalienable rights,” she continued. “Now, the man’s name on the posters we hold is a cog in a wheel of a broken system, and I’m not going to name him too often because I’m done gathering to give more credence and power to those who try to dehumanize and devalue our lives and our lived experiences.”

    Oh, give me a freaking break already. After all, I’m still waiting for Vice President Mike Pence to round up all the LGBTQ people and put them in concentration camps.

    Then the people marched to McConnell’s house.


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    thalesofmiletus | October 8, 2019 at 1:01 am

    “It’s not a grassroots protest.”

    There are no grassroots movements on the Left. They’re all Astroturf.

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