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    Mass Shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH

    Mass Shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH

    The El Paso suspect is in police custody; the Dayton suspect was shot dead by police at the scene

    There have been two mass shootings this weekend.  One, in El Paso, Texas, left 20 people dead and over 24 others injured.  The second one took place in Dayton, Ohio and left at least nine people dead and more than two dozen injured.

    We know a bit more about the El Paso shooting that took place at a shopping center on Saturday morning.  The suspect is currently in police custody.

    The Washington Examiner reports:

    Twenty people were killed and more than two dozen others were injured in a late-morning shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott announced Saturday evening.

    “Texas grieves with the people of El Paso today,” the Republican governor said in a press conference joined by other officials and law enforcement.

    El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen said the suspect in custody is a 21-year-old white man from Allen, Texas. He would not name the individual, but a law enforcement source in El Paso told the Washington Examiner that Patrick Crusius was taken custody.

    Allen said the first call to police came in at 10:39 a.m., and the first police officer arrived on the scene in six minutes. Allen said there were 26 people who were injured in the shooting. He also said the state of Texas would be the lead agency prosecuting the suspect, and potential capital murder charges are being considered.

    Allen said investigators have a manifesto believed to be from the suspect that “indicates to some degree, has a nexus to potential hate crime.” Investigators looking for a motive were examining online postings by the suspect, who is from Allen, Texas, a northern suburb of Dallas.

    Watch the report:

    President Trump weighed in, strongly condemning the alleged actions of the suspect.

    The Dayton shooting occurred in the overnight hours and less is known at this point.  The suspect was reportedly shot and killed by police at the scene.

    ABC News reports:

    In the second mass shooting in less than 14 hours, at least nine people are dead and more than two dozen wounded after someone opened fire in downtown Dayton, Ohio, early Sunday, according to police.

    In addition, the suspected shooter was shot and killed by responding officers within one minute of opening fire, Mayor Nan Whaley said at a Sunday morning press conference. Police said they were only aware of one shooter.

    Authorities responded quickly to the shooting, first reported at 1 a.m., and said police are regularly present in the crowded district popular with tourists and locals.

    . . . . The shooting took place in Dayton’s Oregon District, a collection of bars, restaurants and local businesses in the city’s downtown. The entire shooting took place outside, police said.

    Watch the report:

    These are developing stories, and we will have more as more becomes known.


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    People have tried to blame these shootings on mental illness. While a factor, it is not the root cause. White supremacy is not the cause. The cause is liberal/Progressive dogma.

    in 2008, white supremacist organizations were all but extinct. Your local Klan rally attracted far more LEOs, than it did Klansmen. We were well on the way to becoming a colorblind society. This all changed during the Obama years. The racial grievance industry cranked itself up. Every conflict between a white man and a black American became a racial attack on a minority, especially if it involved a white police officer. And then President Obama sided with the minority member, whether facts indicated that the white American acted appropriately. This attack upon white men then moved into the female v male arena, with organizations such as Code Pink and the #MeToo movement. Again, the liberal/Progressive machine was targeting white males. During the Trump Administration, the liberal/Progressives have quadrupled down on the anti-white rhetoric. Increased attacks on whites, especially white males, increased support for criminal activity of minorities and the ultimate attack on white males, the persecution of President Donald J. Trump. Add to that the mantra of the last decade that global warming is going to kill us and, now, the claim that we have only a decade left to live and certain lunatics will be triggered. It does not help that the MSM and the rest of the liberal/Progressive galaxy is supporting the illegal violence of groups such as AntiFa as being justified in the fight against those that they consider their enemies.

    So, white males feel that they are under attack, either by or in favor of minorities. Some feel that they have to force government to enact draconian environmental measures in order to keep man-made global warming from destroying the planet and killing them. Some have subscribed to the liberal/Progressive mantra that government, corporate America and organized Christian religion are all agents of oppression. And, they are being indoctrinated to believe that violence, directed toward random strangers, is justified by a vocal portion of society. And, the unstable among them are going to act out of fear and a perceived justification to use violence to make themselves feel better.

    And, guns are not the only instrument used to dispense this violence. We have seen several instances where motor vehicles were used. Take away the guns and people prone to violence will simply use other means to cause death, injury and destruction.

    The left created this problem, through their rhetoric. It is time that they were forced to own it.

    texansamurai | August 5, 2019 at 3:06 pm

    just a hypothetical for the defense attys present–in one of these ” gun free ” zones, if was there myself and in close enough proximity to stop this guy either with my hands or a blade, if elect to cut the guy and dispatch him with a kbar, are my actions justified?–would think if legal to cap a guy like this and kill him should also be legal to cut the guy and kill him–would that be a correct assumption?

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