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    The only constitutional crisis is in Democrats’ synapses

    The only constitutional crisis is in Democrats’ synapses

    Democrats want secret grand jury information and investigative files so they can doxx, harass, and attack political opponents. Unless and until the courts finally rule, there is no crisis, much less a constitutional crisis.

    There is no constitutional crisis regarding the House Intelligence Committee’s unsuccessful attempt to get the unredacted Mueller report, including secret grand jury information, and the documents underlying the investigation.

    Disregard what Jerrold Nadler says about there being a constitutional crisis.

    Disregard Nancy Pelosi parroting Nadler:

    This is all just more Democrat theater of the absurd.

    House Democrats not getting their way is not a constitutional crisis. At some point the issue will land in court, and a court will determine whether the Executive Branch properly is withholding the material. Then more judges will rule on the appeal, and it will end up at the Supreme Court, in all likelihood.

    If the Supreme Court rules that the material must be turned over, and if the administration defies that court ruling, then we have a crisis. I’m not sure it’s technically a constitutional crisis, because the constitution does not provide for judicial supremacy. But the norm since Marbury v. Madison in 1803 is that the judiciary’s interpretation of the law prevails.

    Remember what is at issue. Congress has been offered the entire Mueller report except for grand jury material, which DOJ say it is prohibited from disclosing. Nothing in that slight percentage of grand jury material in the Mueller report changed Mueller’s conclusions, so it’s unlikely to be helpful to Democrats. Nadler and crew refused even to view the redactions related to classified material and ongoing investigations, which DOJ offered to provide for viewing. What Democrats want is not the grand jury material, but the ability to cry “constitutional crisis!” over being denied access.

    At issue also are underlying investigation documents, which DOJ is not required to disclose (it didn’t even have to disclose the Mueller report), and would not normally be disclosed. Those files would contain unfiltered personal information about people, such as bank account and telephone records, and personal information about their lives. To turn that material over to the Democrats so it could leak within minutes would be the height of irresponsibility and would lead to the type of doxxing and savage internet and physical attacks we have seen #TheResistance carry out.

    This is all part of the attempt to unwind the 2016 election. Trump and DOJ should play hardball, since Democrats are acting in bad faith.


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