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    Art Schools Increasingly Politicized Through Addition of Social Justice

    Art Schools Increasingly Politicized Through Addition of Social Justice

    “many university art schools have become centers of social-justice education”

    The left’s agenda takes precedence over the subject matter. We see this happening in multiple disciplines.

    George Leef writes at National Review:

    Another Politicized Higher Ed Rip-Off: Art Schools

    The great painters of the past had students, but didn’t feel any urge to waste time in harangues about the evils of the day and the importance of making art serve the ends of social justice. But that was before educators decided that it’s more important to get students to feel the right emotions than to teach useful knowledge and skills.

    It probably won’t surprise any Corner reader that many university art schools have become centers of social-justice education. In today’s Martin Center article, Michael Pearce shows that many art schools are losing students (if they haven’t already closed) because they have allowed politicization to run rampant.

    Pearce writes:

    The language used to describe student thesis shows reveals the political focus of art on campus. In art-speak buzz, the Maine College of Art claims that its graduates ‘hybridize a range of conceptual themes and material approaches as they relate to visual culture, the political landscape and to contemporary art practice.’ Applicants to the Tufts MFA program are told, ‘You’ll explore the broader implications of your practice through aesthetic, social, political, economic, and scientific considerations.’ Their graduating class of 2019 titled their thesis show’ No Time for Laundry’ because they were too busy with, ‘School, art, and political engagement.’

    Is that worth going into debt for, especially since only a small fraction (about 10 percent) of art majors find jobs in their field?


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    The Friendly Grizzly | May 25, 2019 at 1:52 pm

    Art schools. I’m shocked, shoc….zzzzzzz…..

    healthguyfsu | May 28, 2019 at 10:28 am

    we shouldn’t really pile on the poor.

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