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    Conservative College Student in Seattle Stalked by Man Who Allegedly Tried to Run Her Down

    Conservative College Student in Seattle Stalked by Man Who Allegedly Tried to Run Her Down

    “waited for me in his car and tried to hit me with his vehicle twice as I was walking”

    Katie Daviscourt is a student at South Seattle College and a leader of the school’s Turning Point USA chapter. She recently had a scary experience with a male student who bothered her while she was at a table exhibit and allegedly tried to hit her with his car.

    Jason Rantz of KTTH Radio in Seattle reported:

    Rantz: Conservative college student harassed, stalked by Seattle activist

    A conservative college student said she was harassed and stalked by an unhinged Seattle student activist who was mad she held views he disagreed with. After confronting her many times on campus, he allegedly tried to run her over, or intimidate her, in a parking lot. Now, the police are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.

    Katie Daviscourt is a student at South Seattle College and is the chair of their chapter of Turning Point USA, a conservative student organization. She and another student hosted a table on campus to alert classmates of their message last Thursday. This angered a man, who police have not yet identified.

    “He started vandalizing our table and trying to take the posters off,” Daviscourt told the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “And the second he takes the ‘Big Government Sucks’ sign, I let him know, ‘sir that is actually my own personal property and stealing the ‘Big Government Sucks’ sign or taking it down can get you arrested.’ And that seemed to trigger him like no end because he ends up taking the sign and he runs out the building…”

    Rory Walsh of the College Fix has more on what happened next:

    Conservative student: man ‘tried to hit me with his vehicle twice’ (VIDEO)

    She claims he said to her that her “organization’s views were way off base” and that she should not even have the right to call the police to report him for vandalizing and stealing her signs because of her small government views.

    Daviscourt stated that she next saw the man in the parking lot and that he “waited for me in his car and tried to hit me with his vehicle twice as I was walking.” She added he hit another car as he sped away in an apparent attempt to flee the scene.

    In a statement to The College Fix on Monday night, Daviscourt offered an update.

    “My school has been very vocal about how horrible this event was and have given me their support,” she told The Fix. “They have offered to have campus security escort me to and from class. However they will not let me know the suspect’s name and I am unable to file a restraining order because of this.”

    Stephanie Hamill of the Daily Caller interviewed Daviscourt about the incident, and you can watch it all below:

    Over the last week, there has been much talk from Democrats who are apparently concerned about people inciting violence through political talk. It would be easier to take them seriously if they ever spoke out against incidents like this one.

    Featured image via YouTube.


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    That’s Seattle in a nutshell.

    He might just be a public school librarian working off his anger over being laid off AFTER Washington taxpayers dumped 7 Billon extra dollars into the school budgets.

    Our taxes were jacked by historic amounts, and then suddenly all the schools are having to lay off staff and increase class size.

    Perhaps someone from the media could ask Governor Do Nothing Jay about this on the campaign trail. I mean now that the Mueller report is out, they must have some time on their hands.

      healthguyfsu in reply to Andy. | April 18, 2019 at 10:39 pm

      This is what happens when Amazon and Starbucks get tired of being extorted, fight back, and leave the scrambling socialists to find smaller targets (ordinary citizens) to confiscate from.

      iconotastic in reply to Andy. | April 19, 2019 at 11:38 am

      Someone has to go so more propagandists, excuse me, administrators can be hired.

      The thing that still frosts me is that the state supreme court decided that not enough money was spent on schools so added, by judicial fiat, additional real estate tax for that purpose. Every time I see that on the property tax bill I want to go find some rope…

        Andy in reply to iconotastic. | April 19, 2019 at 2:57 pm

        Yeah I thought the court overstepped their bounds in prescribing HOW to fix it. The court’s authority IMO and IMU of the roles of the branches of government should have been a binary yay/nay on whether the schools were under funded and the legislature’s problem was to solve it.

        uber lefty Danny Westneat of the Seattle times flat out acknowledged that the unions went on strike and took the money for double digit pay increases in order to use up all the money and create another crisis. Not surprisingly he blames the malaise… ie- it couldn’t possibly be problem of the democrats who have controlled the state for 3 decades (20+ years of dem governors who all ran on education).

    If you want that Big Louie and the boys should visit the bad guy, just say the word. It would be helpful to have some assistance with travel costs.

    Valerie | April 18, 2019 at 11:12 pm

    The school knows who this crazy person is, and they are shielding him from a protective order. That is not a smart move. If he manages to get to her because she cannot get court protection, she should sue the school into oblivion. It might be nice to own a school.

    Fortunately, the solution is simple enough. She needs escorts. She should put out the word that she would appreciate them. She should smile at all the guys, and cheerfully accept any offer to be escorted on even a two-minute walk. The idea is to have a witness around, in order to deter the jerk. Women are fine as escorts, too, but honestly, this jerk is into physical intimidation, so guys are especially valuable as a complete deterrent.

    It could become a campus thing. Chivalry isn’t even close to dead, and neither is the notion of community protection from jerks.

    Arminius | April 18, 2019 at 11:58 pm

    * It would have been disrespectful for me to associate Vincent R. Capodanno with the earlier comment. I was just looking for a generic picture of a Knox class frigate. Instead I found FF-1093. All I can say, after the Notre Dame fire, is it must be Holy Week. Here’s what you should know about “The Grunt Padre.” Attention to Citation.

    “For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as Chaplain of the 3d Battalion, in connection with operations against enemy forces. In response to reports that the 2d Platoon of M Company was in danger of being overrun by a massed enemy assaulting force, Lt. Capodanno left the relative safety of the company command post and ran through an open area raked with fire, directly to the beleaguered platoon. Disregarding the intense enemy small-arms, automatic-weapons, and mortar fire, he moved about the battlefield administering last rites to the dying and giving medical aid to the wounded. When an exploding mortar round inflicted painful multiple wounds to his arms and legs, and severed a portion of his right hand, he steadfastly refused all medical aid. Instead, he directed the corpsmen to help their wounded comrades and, with calm vigor, continued to move about the battlefield as he provided encouragement by voice and example to the valiant marines. Upon encountering a wounded corpsman in the direct line of fire of an enemy machine gunner positioned approximately 15 yards away, Lt. Capodanno rushed a daring attempt to aid and assist the mortally wounded corpsman. At that instant, only inches from his goal, he was struck down by a burst of machine gun fire. By his heroic conduct on the battlefield, and his inspiring example, Lt. Capodanno upheld the finest traditions of the U.S. Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life in the cause of freedom.”

    While beautiful, churches aren’t built of stone and stained glass.

    Arminius | April 19, 2019 at 1:07 am

    I mean, Holy Week. And I get ” The Grunt Padre.”

    Must be a sign. BTW the delay an only explained I was awe inspired.

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