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    Progressive Students at U. Michigan Protest Ben Shapiro Appearance by Holding Teach-In

    Progressive Students at U. Michigan Protest Ben Shapiro Appearance by Holding Teach-In

    “UM helps white supremacists — including Shapiro — by allowing them to speak”

    This seems silly, but at least it’s a better alternative to shouting a speaker down.

    The College Fix reports:

    U. Michigan students offended by Ben Shapiro appearance respond with a ‘teach-in’

    University of Michigan students affiliated with progressive organizations held a teach-in Tuesday evening in response to an appearance by conservative pundit Ben Shapiro.

    The “Umich is Complicit in East Quad Residence Hall” event connected Shapiro’s speech “to a larger trend of white supremacy on campus,” according to the Michigan Student Power Network’s Mani Samei.

    “So we were like, okay, we can use this opportunity and the thing that’s happening on campus to galvanize some energy towards kicking off this campaign that folks have been talking about for a little while,” Samei told The Michigan Daily. “[#UMichisComplicit is] to sort of bring more popular consciousness on campus just the fact that this University is founded on white supremacy and continues to further that.”

    Fellow teach-in participant Maya Chamra, who was a bit less Valley Girl-ish in her interview with The Daily, said their event “provided a history of white supremacy” at the University of Michigan which, activists claim, is “largely ignored.” Chamra said Shapiro “thrives off of [a] perception” that he deals with facts, while Samei added Shapiro “really likes to create intellectual debate around saying really harmful things to people” and equated his speech with violence.

    Here’s a fact the pair should consider: Samei alleges UM helps white supremacists — including Shapiro — by allowing them to speak and by paying security costs for their appearances, so perhaps she can educate us on how an Orthodox Jew would be welcomed by those preaching white superiority.


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    Jackie | March 18, 2019 at 3:47 pm

    College kids are idiots. They think their feelings are important. The voting age shouted 35.

    healthguyfsu | March 18, 2019 at 4:41 pm

    They should give the teach-in class a catchy name like “Bubble wrap” because that’s what they are in.

    Calling an observant Jew like Ben a white Supremist only showcases your ignorance and stupidity.

    Two major signifiers you’re a white supremist is you hate Jews and think if people of color do well it’s only because Big Government intervenes in their favor.

    By those criteria, all the New Leadership in the Democrat Party have a lot in common with The KKK.

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