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    Trump SOTU a hit with viewers

    Trump SOTU a hit with viewers

    Even CNN found views mostly favorable, which must have killed them.

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    You can get my quick take on Trump’s State of the Union address here.

    What did viewers generally think? According to “instant polls” SOTU was a hit.

    CBS News found that:

    76 percent of viewers approved of what they heard in Pres. Trump’s #SOTU speech; 72 percent said they approved of Pres. Trump’s ideas for immigration.

    Even CNN found favorable views, which must have killed them:

    CNN poll on Trump #SOTU: “59% very positive. 17% somewhat positive. 23% negative.”

    The CNN poll was so favorable, CNN needed to downplay the significance:


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    It was an excellent speech – on point. It set the stage for the Dems to immolate themselves by going against everything the people want. I hope they succeed. It’s quite comical to watch and listen to the pundits / networks / newspapers tie themselves into pretzels trying to find something to criticize. They look ridiculous, but we already knew that and now others who watched the SOTU and the aftermath, also know.

    I would love to take away from the naysayers (starting with Pelosi, Harris, Bernie, etc.) everything their 401Ks / investments have earned in the past 2 years before allowing them to criticize. Wouldn’t that be fun!

    I never watch. Results speak volumes.

    Don’t piss on my leg and tell me its raining where the border wall is supposed to be or that Health insurance isn’t still double what it was before Obama took office.

    Meanwhile in Washington State, they are going after gun rights HARD. NRA is taking them to court over a couple of provisions that are supposed to go into effect in July and a ton of gun grabbing bills are running through our state legislature. On that front at least the SCOTUS is there as a back stop (for now…till someone…and I’m not naming names -Roberts- goes squishy)

    “I thought it was great. I think he’s scared,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) told reporters when asked about Trump’s remarks. “He sees that everything is closing in on him and he knows that he’s losing the battle of public opinion.”

    Let’s not forget the performance by the Democratic People’s Republic of Democrats Cheer Squad:

    Another Voice | February 6, 2019 at 11:40 pm

    It was a great speech. He had you listening to hear what he had to share. Pres. Trump delivered a uplifting and inclusive speech. Not like Obama who spoke down to his audience using a patronizing and condescending attitude. Pres. Trump was refreshing compared to Obama who his per usual that in his last State of the Union lasting 64 min referred to himself 169 Times using; “I,-140x’s, I’m -10x’s, I’ve-4x’s, I’ll-3x’s me-4x’s, mine-1x and my-6’x’s (in lieu of ‘My fellow Americans”.

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