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    Sen. Markey Claims McConnell is Trying to “Sabotage” and “Silence” the Green New Deal

    Sen. Markey Claims McConnell is Trying to “Sabotage” and “Silence” the Green New Deal

    He’s so mad, he’s opposing voting for his own bill…

    Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) is not happy about Majority Leader McConnell’s decision to bring the Green New Deal up for a vote. Markey co-authored the Green New Deal, which was introduced last week. Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez is the House sponsor of the “bill.”

    Via his official Twitter account, Markey accused Republicans of “sabotaging” the “movement” he’s working to build by rushing a vote on the legislation.

    To the tweets:

    Not sure where Markey’s been, but the Green New Deal has done nothing to further serious discourse on climate change, quite the opposite. The tenets of the bill are so absurd, it’s been roundly and rightly mocked. And so has Markey for fussing over the fact that his ridiculous piece of “legislation” is getting airtime on the Senate floor at all.


    And also:

    Still chuckling over McConnell’s little grin when he announced the Senate would be bringing the Green New Deal up for a vote.


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    Markey should have worn a leisure suit. A real disco-era relic.

    Malarkey and Pocahontas, perfect together. Perhaps Trump should start calling him Malarkey. The Pocahontas name has really stuck and this bill earns Markey his own nickname. For every action there is is an equal and opposite reaction. Malarkey seem shocked by opposition. He thinks he is entitled to start a “movement” without push back. He certainly doesn’t seem to recognize that those who do not accept the man made “climate change” theory (a label substituted for “global warming” after the data for that was challenged) as God given truth have any right to oppose the man caused climate change theory as unproven. The climate models these guys use are no better than their assumptions and ten years ago they were saying that NYC would be under water by now. Climate is not something you can determine on a short sample, it is a concept that requires many thousands of years. Short term stuff is weather subject to natural variability. We only have a bit over a century of data and not all of it is reliable.

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