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    Polling Finds Women Trump Supporters More Loyal to Him Than Men

    Polling Finds Women Trump Supporters More Loyal to Him Than Men

    “Trump women relate to an attitude that has been missing from our national culture: America is good and worth defending”

    The media loves to talk about women. We are reminded daily about the historic number of women elected to Congress as Democrats in November. Women Trump supporters don’t get nearly as much attention, but new data suggests their support for the president hasn’t wavered.

    In fact, women who voted for Trump are even more likely to continue supporting him than men. Anne Sorock, who used to write for Legal Insurrection, now runs a firm called Frontier Lab, which found this through polling.

    Paul Bedard writes at the Washington Examiner:

    Women are Trump’s most loyal supporters, more than men

    President Trump has a way with women, though it’s not what you might think.

    Despite being condemned as a sexist and worse by Democrats and the media, women who voted for Trump in 2016 have become his most loyal supporters, even more than men.

    What’s more, he is turning most into dedicated Republicans, according to exclusive new polling provided to Secrets.

    “One of the great untold stories for Trump is how he is connecting with women,” said Anne Sorock, a pollster and president of the Frontier Lab, which uses behavioral science to explore the cultural and political landscape.

    In the election, Trump did surprisingly better with women than Hillary Clinton, winning 47 percent to her 45 percent.

    Sorock, who has been studying the president’s female supporters, said that many went out on a limb for Trump, viewing him as strong, confident, and anti-swamp. And when he beat Clinton, it was a confirmation that they were right, giving them a feeling of empowerment.

    Jeffrey Rodack of Newsmax has more on this:

    Pollster: Women Are More Loyal Trump Supporters Than Men

    The Examiner noted Trump did better with women voters than Clinton, winning 47 percent to 45 percent.

    “When they initially supported him, they went against many of their communities and friends; when they were then proven correct, they told us that the empowerment was exhilarating. In contrast to the Tea Party women, who were energized by the gathering together of like-minded people to fight for Americanism, the new Trump women relate to an attitude that has been missing from our national culture: America is good and worth defending,” she said.

    Her polling for Frontier Lab’s Ear to the Ground, revealed 85 percent of female primary Trump voters said they will vote Republican in the future, compared to 78 percent of male Trump voters, the Examiner noted.

    Of course, the media will continue to push a narrative which is the exact opposite of this as we approach the 2020 election, even more so if the Democrats nominate a woman.


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    You can’t trust many polls these days–the left has so demonized Trump supporters that they may very well tell those polling them that they support or supported Trump”s opponent and still vote for Trump.

    “Most polls put Trump’s support at 40% or less.”

    “Well, Republicans just got routed in the House of Representatives. If Trump’s approval was really at 50%, his party probably would have been able to hold onto the House.”

    Paul Ryan surrendered the House to the Democrats. It was RYAN’s job to support the GOP agenda and his party’s candidates.

    Despite “both” Democrat parties conspiring to stop Trump, he is winning and getting stronger. You can believe what you want to believe but your side is run by fools fighting for a false narrative and getting trampled into the ground for it. Trump is going to be the unopposed nominee in 2020 and will win in a major landslide.

    As to why some many women, who supported Trump, are still supporters, that is probably a result of built in female bias.

    Like it or not, women are hard wired to support a person who will likely provide for their, and their children’s, well-being. Trump’ actions, so far, seem to support the idea that he will do what he promised. And, his female supporters are largely of the independent class. They do not expect, nor really want, the government to take care of them. They want their men, and themselves, to be able to take care of their families. Dependent women, those who have accepted “government” as their protector, are going to be less inclined to support Trump to begin with, let alone remain his supporters, if they once were.


    4 out of 5 dentists believe “Zachriel” is that idiot, Yellowsnake.

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