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    Former Trump Attorney Michael Cohen Sentenced to 3 Years

    Former Trump Attorney Michael Cohen Sentenced to 3 Years

    Blames Trump for causing him to “follow a path of darkness rather than light”

    Former Trump Attorney Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years imprisonment Wednesday.

    The sentence included charges for lying to Congress, tax evasion, and campaign finance violations.

    For ABC News:

    Before leveling his sentence, Judge William Pauley said “Cohen pled guilt to a veritable smorgasbord of fraudulent conduct” and “lost his moral compass,” adding that “as a lawyer, Mr. Cohen should have known better.”

    In addition to his imprisonment, Cohen will have to pay $1.39 million in restitution plus $500,000 in forfeiture for the financial and campaign finance crimes. He will face an additional fine of $50,000 for lying to Congress.

    …Prosecutors in the Justice Department’s Southern District of New York charged Cohen with eight felony counts in August, including tax evasion, making false statements to a financial institution, and campaign finance violations. Special counsel Robert Mueller, tasked with investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, tacked on an additional count of lying to Congress last month. Cohen pleaded guilty to all nine counts and struck a deal to cooperate with ongoing investigations.

    Cohen blamed Trump for causing him to “follow a path of darkness rather than light.” ABC ctd:

    Before ruling was issued, Cohen had pleaded for leniency, accusing President Trump – his former boss – of causing him to “follow a path of darkness rather than light” and “cover up his dirty deeds.” Cohen’s attorney, Guy Petrillo, argued that Cohen “came forward to offer evidence against the most powerful person in the country.”

    But while the special counsel’s office appeared to be willing to give Cohen credit for his cooperation, SDNY prosecutors took a harder stance.

    In court on Wednesday, Jeannie Rhee, a prosecutor with the Office of the Special Counsel, said Cohen had provided “wide ranging and helpful” information on matters related to the Russia probe while being careful not to inflate the value of that information.

    Nicolas Roos, a prosecutor with the Southern District of New York, however, struck a different tone.

    Cohen “didn’t come anywhere close to assisting this office in an investigation,” Roos told the court, adding, “the charges portray a pattern of deception, of brazenness and of greed.”

    For our previous coverage on this story, see here.


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    Cohen’s primary offense was simply being low hanging fruit on the Trump tree. Not many fixers, including the Clinton’s legion of fixers, would survive a partisan SP unscathed. Cohen’s benefactor came from the wrong side of town and doesn’t belong to the right country clubs. I suspect that Cohen’s 3 year sentence is a reflection of not being enough of a rat to satisfy prosecutors.

    I don’t see Mueller making any plea for a reduced sentence. I *do* see him stringing Cohen along, getting every single incriminating statement he can out of him (true or false, it makes no difference) until sentencing, then dropping the boom. Mueller does not need testimony, he needs tempting stories for the media and unverifiable accusations for the Democrats in congress to run through impeachment.

    I’m willing to bet Pelosi wants to use the phrase “We have to impeach the president in order to determine the seriousness of the charges.”

    I have one of those really stupid layman’s questions that’s probably going to make Ragspierre and Milhouse rip my head off. The pursuit of knowledge requires some sacrifices.

    In allowing Cohen to perform these acts of “darkness not light”, wasn’t the client, Donald Trump, following Cohen’s own legal advice in the process?

      Ragspierre in reply to JBourque. | December 12, 2018 at 6:45 pm

      Not at all necessarily. T=rump could have been acting explicitly against Cohen’s advice, and Cohen just didn’t have the integrity to deal with it.

      Remember, Roy Cohn (mob lawyer) was T-rump’s fixer/attorney/mentor for about a decade or two. It’s entirely likely that Cohn trained Dun Donald in NYC corruption, how to break the law, and how to groom a lawyer to go along with it.

    Dejectedhead | December 12, 2018 at 6:31 pm

    So….no Russian Collusion?

    Just checking.

    I forgot Lanny Davis is his attorney. Nothing like hiring the other team’s defensive coach to protect you…

      puhiawa in reply to stl. | December 13, 2018 at 2:00 am

      Heard Davis a couple times doing his “defense”. Unbelievable. He buried him with his talk about Trump conspiracies, payoffs, hotel deals etc. It was literally a hit job by Mueller and Clinton.

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