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    Sorry, #NoMoreBoysAndGirls, Biology is Not on Your Side

    Sorry, #NoMoreBoysAndGirls, Biology is Not on Your Side

    “Theybies” is what this new parenting technique is called.

    I’m still having a difficult time wrapping my head around this one.

    There exist parents that are attempting to raise their children as gender neutral, thus allowing them to choose their own genders later in life. “Theybies” is what this new parenting technique is called.

    See here:

    And here:

    I’m not entirely sure when biologically defined genders fell out of grace, but the refusal to teach children how they fit into the world around them seems ill-advised.

    Men and women are different. Biologically and in countless other ways. There’s no harm in acknowledging and appreciating this basic fact of life, there is harm in pretending otherwise.

    To the issue of gender identity and whether it’s fluid or even negotiable, I turn to the expert on this — Jordan Peterson.

    In a discussion on gender identity and whether it’s subjective, Peterson said:

    “Identity classification is actually a socially negotiated process and that’s the thing about your identity, the idea that identity is a subjective construct — it’s like, and I’m being literally truthful about that — that’s what two-year-olds think and that’s why they can’t play with others. Two-year-olds are egocentric and they cannot expand their conception of the world to include the minds of others, they don’t really learn to do that until between two and four, and by the way, if they don’t learn that by four, they never learn it.

    …Your identity is actually part of the public commons and the idea that it’s your subjective determination is so primordially wrong psychologically, it doesn’t even register.”

    In a separate interview, Peterson elaborated, explaining that (at least at the time of the interview), he’d heard from 30 transexual individuals, those who’ve gone through transition surgery, and 29 out of the 30 agreed with him.

    “The idea that gender identity is independent of biological sex is insane. It’s wrong. The scientific data are not only clear, they’re clear beyond dispute. It’s as bad as claiming that the world is flat, in my estimation. Having said that, there are masculine women and there are feminine men.

    …Identity is a set of tools that you use to operate in the world and if those tools don’t function, you don’t have a functional identity. It isn’t just something that you put on because you feel that way, it has to be something that other people know how to respond to or you will become completely alienated.

    …It’s narcissistic to the core.”

    Peterson has discussed at great length how the most egalitarian societies amplify gender differences, how (all backed by scientific studies) job preference, even in the most progressive countries, is often dictated by gender, not because of social norms, but because of personality traits that serve most of each gender. Namely, agreeableness.

    Further, to forcibly change any society’s agreed upon gender roles would require a measure of tyranny; requiring some to assume professions or roles with which they’re not naturally inclined.

    His arguments are far more detailed and well reasoned than the excerpts and summaries provided above.

    Parents have a responsibility and obligation to grow, encourage, and teach their children to be the best people they were created to be. Part of knowing how to survive and thrive in the world is knowing, understanding, and being able to navigate the world around you.

    Seems a horrible disservice to deprive a child of the framework they need to properly function in their environment.


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    Albigensian | July 31, 2018 at 9:29 am

    The only real question is, how long does the progression take? From

    1. It’s a fringe activity, to
    2. It’s normalized in schools, on college campuses, and many other public institutions, to
    3. Tremendous social pressure to comply, to
    4. Criminal penalties for non-compliance (and then the “child savers” come and take your kids away)?

    Somehow I suspect much of this is downstream from gay marriage being mandated by the Supreme Court (“Yes, of course it’s there, it’s just been hiding in the penumbras!”) rather than being decided through the democratic process.

    In any case, it seems unlikely that we’re anywhere near peak gender confusion.

    You can pretend and you can mutilate their bodies, but until they can modify the difference in their DNA, we will still make the distinction.

    Phillygirl1807 | July 31, 2018 at 11:13 am

    This is just “sick” on so many levels. It amazes me how the LBTQ community has so much power to manipulate society. How can 1-2 % of the population can cause havoc amongst so many “intelligent,” college-educated people? I fear for my 14 year old granddaughter. In 4 years she will be eligible to attend a college – but which ones will be “safe” for her to be what she is – a lovely, feminine girl. And what kind of crazy society will she then live in, if boys can be girls and girls can be boys. I’m actually thankful I won’t live long enough to see it.

      Kemberlee Kaye in reply to Phillygirl1807. | July 31, 2018 at 2:10 pm

      Interestingly, the LGBTQ community is divided over this. Gay activists bristle at the idea that identity is so easily chosen because it runs contra to their belief that sexual preference is ingrained from birth.

      forksdad in reply to Phillygirl1807. | July 31, 2018 at 5:34 pm

      It is the tyranny of the minority, no less tyrannical than that of monarchs. We were fools to listen to them in the first place.

      “We just want to be tolerated,” is now, “Join in the honeymoon, bigot!”

      Who’s the bigot, the 99% that wants to be left alone or the screaming, preening, degenerates that want to turn their children into an accessory?

    MajorWood | July 31, 2018 at 11:19 am

    I think anyone paying attention realized that “Hillarity’s” “it takes a village” statement was just a precursor to the 21st century version of the Hitler Youth.

    To be fair, I think these kids will grow up pretty normal as opposed to the kids I see here in PDX with transgendered dad. Mrs Doubtfire isn’t a movie in these parts.

    CaptTee | July 31, 2018 at 11:24 am

    And they believe that people who see more evidence for Creation than Evolution are “science deniers”!

    And they believe that people who don’t believe in man-made global warming are “science deniers”!

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