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    Man Who Threatened to Chop Up Sen. Rand Paul and His Family With an Ax Arrested

    Man Who Threatened to Chop Up Sen. Rand Paul and His Family With an Ax Arrested

    “It’s just horrendous that we’re having to deal with things like this.”

    Monday, Senator Rand Paul told reporters Capitol Hill Police had issued an arrest warrant for the man who threatened to chop up the Senator and his family with an ax. According to several news reports, the man responsible for the threats has been arrested.

    “It’s just horrendous that we’re having to deal with things like this,” Sen. Paul told reporters. “That on top of being attacked personally, and having a very serious life-threatening attack on my person, then being shot at,” said Paul referring to the Congressional baseball game last year that almost claimed the life of Rep. Steve Scalise. “It’s been a year where we’re becoming more and more aware of these threats.”

    Last year, Sen. Paul was attacked and beaten by neighbor Rene Boucher. The attack left Paul with several broken ribs. Boucher is a registered Democrat. He claims the attack was not politically motivated but that he lost his temper over yard clippings placed near his property by Paul.

    Boucher pled guilty and was sentenced to thirty days. Prosecutors are appealing the sentence. They had requested a sentence of 21 months. Boucher has also filed a civil suit against Paul, requesting “all compensatory and punitive damages permitted by law.”


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    Kevin Smith | July 2, 2018 at 5:27 pm

    The demented democrat thug Boucher will spend less time in jail than the amount of severe pain and suffering that Rand Paul had to endure.

    Why is Paul the kook target? His political and social rhetoric is pretty mild – not like he’s a firebrand. He’s voted against foreign military adventures and spending bills. He’s pretty neutral on Trump.

    Is Rand a hot topic on left wing message boards? I just don’t get it.

    forksdad | July 3, 2018 at 12:04 am

    There is nothing to see here. Why are people even bothering to prosecute this guy? We have been told on more than one occasion right here on this blog that this is protected speech.

    Has anyone ever chopped up anyone else based on this man’s protected speech? Does he even own an axe? No incitement, no real threat.
    *adjusts bowtie*

      Milhouse in reply to forksdad. | July 3, 2018 at 3:06 am

      If this was a real threat, i.e. one that a reasonable person, knowing the exact words spoken and their context, would take seriously, then it is a crime. If not, then it is protected speech.

      I have searched for any description of what this person actually said, and have not found one; all we have is Paul’s own characterization. Therefore it’s impossible to say whether the arrest is to be applauded or condemned.

      Ignorant comment.

      Try threatening to chop up obama witb an axe. See what happens.

      Try threatening to chop up mooooochelle obama with axe (if you can find one large enough, outside of a meatpacking plant.)

        Milhouse in reply to | July 3, 2018 at 7:07 am

        You are the ignorant one. Try announcing at a rally that if you are drafted and given a weapon, the first person you want in your sights is the president. That is not a real threat, i.e. a reasonable person would not understand it as meant seriously. Therefore it is absolutely protected speech, and if any secret service person gives you grief over it you can sue him personally and take his house and pension — no qualified immunity. That is the law, not an opinion, and you are not entitled to disagree with it.

        On the other hand if it is said in a manner and context that a reasonable person would understand as a serious expression of your intentions then it is not protected, and is a crime.

    JOHN B | July 4, 2018 at 8:18 am

    They will not be subject to the same rules.

    Make a threat against some progressive politician, media person, professor etc and a SWAT team will be at your home within hours.

    And the court will set no bail; you are in jail immediately.

    And then they will harass your family.

    Two sets of rules.

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