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    Cat fight! Cohen v Trump

    Cat fight! Cohen v Trump

    Left-leaning media is obsessed with the Trump Tower meeting

    Are you getting tired of this yet? I know I am.

    The media obsession with non-stories is tiresome, but because the he-said, she-said is what’s passing for serious news these days (regardless of veracity) we can’t ignore it. So, here we are.

    Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen recently claimed that President Trump was aware of Don Jr.’s Trump Tower meeting.

    Left-leaning media is obsessed with the Trump Tower meeting. They’re completely, wholly convinced it was during this meeting that Russia collision occurred.

    Don Jr. and Jared Kushner met (this was during campaign season) with the hopes of getting dirt on Hillary. When it became apparent there was no dirt, or no smoking gun as they’d been led to believe, they left. The entire encounter lasted 20 minutes.

    Cohen’s Claims*

    *According to CNN sources. And we all know how accurate those have been lately.

    Trump and Don Jr. have both denied Trump knew of the meeting prior to its occurrence. Cohen is now claiming otherwise.

    From CNN:

    Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, claims that then-candidate Trump knew in advance about the June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower in which Russians were expected to offer his campaign dirt on Hillary Clinton, sources with knowledge tell CNN. Cohen is willing to make that assertion to special counsel Robert Mueller, the sources said.

    Cohen’s claim would contradict repeated denials by Trump, Donald Trump Jr., their lawyers and other administration officials who have said that the President knew nothing about the Trump Tower meeting until he was approached about it by The New York Times in July 2017.

    Cohen alleges that he was present, along with several others, when Trump was informed of the Russians’ offer by Trump Jr. By Cohen’s account, Trump approved going ahead with the meeting with the Russians, according to sources.

    To be clear, these sources said Cohen does not have evidence, such as audio recordings, to corroborate his claim, but he is willing to attest to his account.

    And this part is extra fun:

    Cohen privately testified last year to two Congressional committees investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election. A source familiar with Cohen’s House testimony said he did not testify that Trump had advance knowledge. Cohen’s claims weren’t mentioned in separate reports issued by Republicans and Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee.

    Needless to say…

    Trump is not happy

    Trump tweeted Friday morning:

    “How stupid and unfair to our Country,” tweeted Trump, discussing the media focus on Trump Tower meeting instead of things actually impacting Americans.

    Do we have a pool running on how long it will take CNN reporter Jim Acosta to make himself part of this story? Because we should have a pool.

    Don Jr.’s Testimony

    In May, Don. Jr. testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, answering a gazillion questions about the Trump Tower meeting.

    CNN concluded:

    The nearly 2,000 pages of interviews do not appear to contain information that would change the course of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s team and Russia.

    Under oath, Don Jr. was asked: “Did you inform your father about the meeting or the underlying offer prior to the meeting?”

    And replied: “No, I did not.”

    Really, what more is there to discuss?


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    inspectorudy | July 27, 2018 at 6:06 pm

    Here’s my take on this Trump Tower mess. Trump has lied about almost everything that has happened in his past. He has paid off leaches and blackmailers and has had affairs with other women while married to a beauty. But none of it matters because he is getting the job done his way. It is not like anything we have ever seen in the past and probably won’t ever again. Andrew Klavan wrote a great piece about who and what Trump is but the press cannot see it. All they see is hate. We have to realize that Trump has always lied about things because he sees it as not important. Now that he is POTUS he has not changed his old ways. He was a hustler and a showman so what did we expect? He is also doing exactly what he told us he would do!

    Conan | July 27, 2018 at 6:55 pm

    How did these people swing a preidential election in a twenty minute meeting? Do Progressives ever wonder this? Conservatives would never be debating that Obama was able to have a twenty minute meeting and change a Presidential election. About 20% or more of this country is so completely brainwashed they can’t even examine the story from their own selves.

    Sessions should be at the end of a rope: along with all the traitors he is protecting.

    clintack | July 28, 2018 at 11:28 am

    I honestly can’t even figure out what I’m supposed to care about here. Someone claims, without evidence, that President Trump was told about an unimportant, routine, and in-no-way-unethical meeting which resulted in nothing. It’s hard to imagine why Cohen would even remember such an insignificant conversation.

    Perhaps next we can have a breathless expose of who was involved in President Trump’s request for a second scoop of ice cream. What did the White House Assistant Sous Chef know, and when did he know it?!?!?!?!

    Interesting stuff shows up here. On this occasion, we discover that Kemberlee hates cats – especially mobs of cats with Sicilian names like Consigliere and Don.

    And we learn right here that conspiring with foreign nations to influence our elections is not against the law, but issuing FISA warrants to electronically monitor these conspirators is completely illegal.

    Now the newest Trumpist website would have us believe that Trump’s life began when he was elected president and the many, many writers who memorialized Trumpian misdeeds pre-2017 all lied just like all those women who accused him of sexual misconduct. It is noteworthy that Moonves was put down on just a few complaints, Al Franken left the Senate as a result of a fake photo but Trump gets a pass.on.everything.

      Milhouse in reply to gad-fly. | July 29, 2018 at 10:42 am

      And we learn right here that conspiring with foreign nations to influence our elections is not against the law, but issuing FISA warrants to electronically monitor these conspirators is completely illegal.

      Um, yes. Why would you find that surprising? The second follows from the first. It is completely illegal for judges to issue a search warrant without probable cause to believe it will yield evidence of something illegal. If the thing the subject is suspected of doing is in fact not only legal but the very freedom of expression that the first amendment was enacted to protect, then it follows that it would be a breach of the constitution to issue a warrant over it.

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