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    Laura Ingraham Maintains Ratings, Advertiser Returns To Her Show

    Laura Ingraham Maintains Ratings, Advertiser Returns To Her Show

    Ace Hardware resumes advertising on the Ingraham Angle

    The leftist attempt to take down Fox News by methodically targeting each show’s host and the show’s advertisers seems to have hit a wrinkle as Laura Ingraham’s show is still boasting high ratings.  In addition to her high ratings, she has also had one advertiser return to her show.

    Ace Hardware, my new favorite hardware retailer, has returned to Ingraham’s show.  They say that they made the decision to pull their ads because they didn’t have the whole story.

    Mediaite reports:

    Laura Ingraham has maintained her ratings in her first week back since the ad boycott campaign launched against her show.

    The Ingraham Angle was the leading cable news show in its time slot, averaging 2.69 million viewers throughout the week. Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell came at a close second, averaging 2.6 million viewers. CNN Tonight came third with an average of 1. 29 million viewers. MSNBC did however edge out Ingraham in the key demo (25-54) with Last Word averaging 596,000 viewers versus her average of 559,000 viewers.

    Meanwhile, one company has reversed its decision in pulling their ads from Ingraham’s program.

    Ace Hardware confirmed to TheWrap that it will resume its partnership with The Ingraham Angle and even apologized for having “incomplete information” that initially led them to pull out of her show.

    “Advertising on any network or show, is in no way an endorsement from Ace of the content contained or spoken within that program,” the company stated. “We appreciate the different points of view from our customers, and believe people should be treated with respect and civility.”

    Like MyPillow, Ace Hardware may see a boost in sales as we on the right prefer buycotts to boycotts.

    As we blogged here at LI, Fox News took a stand and decided to support Ingraham despite the pressure from the leftist boycotters.  Hopefully, they will continue to support their talent in the face of hysterical leftist attacks that quickly fade away.

    According to the Daily Wire, the advertisers that bailed on Ingraham’s show simply moved their advertising dollars to other Fox shows and are expected to return to the Ingraham Angle as the story dies down.

    The boycotts, led by far-left activist David Hogg, appear to have had little to no impact at Fox News, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

    A person familiar with Fox News’ ad sales strategy said there’s been no impact on the company’s bottom line, as advertisers who have pulled out of Ingraham’s show have either moved their spend to other shows or are holding the money in reserve.

    “I don’t think anybody is going to exit anymore,” the source told THR. “I think people will start to return as the story dies down.”

    The perpetually-outraged left is still boycotting Laura’s advertisers, but Fox News is not caving into the pressure.  As noted, this is likely because advertisers are spending their advertising cash on Fox News shows that are not currently being demonized.

    The Hollywood Reporter reports:

    An effort to kneecap Laura Ingraham’s television career has run into a stumbling block: Fox News, her employer, has demonstrated no interest in getting rid of her.

    Ingraham’s primetime show has been losing advertisers since March 28, when she mocked Parkland high school student and shooting survivor David Hogg on Twitter for getting rejected from four colleges he applied to. Her show has lost more advertisers over the last few days, as Blue Apron, SlimFast and Red Lobster have either pledged to pull advertising or confirmed it was already pulled.

    . . . . Ingraham’s top advertiser this week has been MyPilllow, which is run by an early supporter of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign who has pledged to keep supporting Ingraham’s show. “I make all of my advertising decisions based on what is best for MyPillow, my employees and my customers,” said CEO Mike Lindell. Asked if he was surprised by the staying power of the boycott, he said, “I don’t pay attention to what other advertisers are doing. I focus on what is best for MyPillow.”

    The only way for Fox News to defeat the leftist boycott strategy is to ride the storm and refuse to be cowed.  They’ve gotten rid of a number of hosts based on this strategy, but the left never relents and won’t until it achieves its goal of taking down the only non-leftist cable news outlet.  Once again we see the futility of appeasement.

    Further, advertisers need to realize that business decisions made on the fly and based on flash-in-the-pan social media outrage and bullying are self-defeating.  As Fox News and its advertisers are learning, for every leftist boycott, there is a right- and independent-leaning buycott.  I love my new MyPillows, and I’m off to Ace to find something fabulous for my garden.


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    The Friendly Grizzly | April 15, 2018 at 7:19 pm

    What’s going on with David Hogg? He has been conspiculously absent from at least the sights I look at.

    Repent and sin no more. That’s true for diversitists, congruents, abortionists, and even socially-influenced corporations.

    That said, with the FBI’s leadership freed from Democrat influence, and a local Sheriff who will not betray his constituents a second time, our attention returns to rights and responsibilities, not inanimate objects (e.g. guns, scalpels, vacuums).

    blah deblah | April 15, 2018 at 10:36 pm

    Hogg, you’re no John Travolta.

    PODKen | April 16, 2018 at 4:58 pm

    This David Hogg kid acts more and more like the Gestapo every day.

    alaskabob | April 16, 2018 at 9:42 pm

    Kudos to Wells Fargo for staying neutral while CITI and BoA went pro gun control. May their choice of sides be financially worthless.

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