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    Disappointed in Durham

    Disappointed in Durham

    I guess I’ll never get that selfie at the Duke Lacrosse case house.

    I was in Durham, NC, earlier this week, where my wife received treatment from doctors at Duke Medical Center.

    With plenty of time to spare, it occurred to me that I should get a selfie at the Duke Lacrosse house to post on the website. While the 2006 prosecution and April 2007 dropping of all charges pre-dated Legal Insurrection, the false accusations, mob mentality, and faculty perfidy seemed to be a prelude to the campus due process disregard emboldened later by the Obama administration.

    My wife was up for it, and we planned to drive there before leaving.

    The address was easy to find.

    This is what the house looked like at the time of the false allegation that Duke Lacrosse players raped stripper Crystal Magnum (who is in prison until 2026 on an unrelated murder charge):

    [Duke Lacrosse House]

    But alas, it no longer exists. The house was torn down in 2010:

    This wasn’t exactly a “bucket list” type thing. But I was disappointed.

    I greatly appreciate the many well wishes I receive from readers for my wife’s condition. We were not disappointed by Duke. Cleveland Clinic was a sorely disappointing bust at many levels, but Duke has us keeping hope alive.

    That and our new seawall in Rhode Island, which is nearing completion. Building projects are my personal go-to therapy.


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    Best wishes to you and your wife for answered prayers. If you have to seek medical attention, there is no better place than the greater Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area. UNC/Rex Hospital in Raleigh literally saved my life.

    Henry Hawkins | April 27, 2018 at 4:45 pm

    My wife, now deceased, suffered a stroke in 2001, which revealed a cancerous brain tumor judged inoperable and her prognosis terminal. We sought second and third opinions, heard the same. Unwilling to give up, we got her into Duke Hospital’s Brain Tumor Clinic under Dr. Henry Friedman. They saved her life, albeit after many years of chemo and radiation, and even returned to work as a nursing educator. Her remarkable case was profiled twice on 60 Minutes, though she declined to appear personally.

    There is always reason to hope. Best wished to you and Mrs. J.

    Prayers to you and your wife Professor.

    Guahan | April 28, 2018 at 3:42 pm

    Best wishes to you and your wife from Amman, Jordan!

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