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    Man Awaiting Trial for Allegedly Sending White Powder to Donald Trump Jr. Released on Bail

    Man Awaiting Trial for Allegedly Sending White Powder to Donald Trump Jr. Released on Bail

    “sent in hopes of triggering fear and a hazmat response”

    Daniel Frisiello, the man who allegedly sent envelopes containing white powder to Donald Trump Jr. earlier this month, has been freed from jail while he waits for his trial by a Massachusetts judge.

    Vanessa Trump, wife of Donald Trump Jr., was rushed to a hospital after opening the envelope.

    Frisiello is confined to his home and prohibited from using the internet and from mailing anything.

    Julie Manganis reports at The Salem News:

    Beverly man released while awaiting trial for hoax letters

    Frisiello, 24, will be confined to his family’s home, monitored by a GPS bracelet, and barred from using the internet or mail while awaiting trial.

    The decision followed a hearing where a postal inspector described numerous earlier letters, most of them containing some type of threat and one that had also contained white powder that had been sent by Frisiello.

    The letters included ones sent to other, unidentified members of the Trump family warning them of consequences if now President Donald Trump did not drop out of the presidential race in 2016, as well as an earlier letter to Trump Jr., the president’s son…

    U.S. District Court Chief Magistrate David Hennessy acknowledged that Frisiello, 24, had committed dangerous acts by sending the letters — which he admitted he sent in hopes of triggering fear and a hazmat response — but concluded that because of Frisiello’s autism, and the support of a large family, he could safely be released under the supervision of his parents.

    “There is a village there,” Hennessy said, referring to the 40 to 50 people packing the Worcester courtroom.

    There is a village? Is the justice system suddenly based on the titles of books by Hillary Clinton?

    Here’s another gem from the report:

    Frisiello’s autism came up repeatedly during the hearing, where his mother was called to the stand by the judge to describe the living arrangements at their home…

    The judge also said he shared the concern of defense lawyer William Fick, who said that Frisiello is suffering in a prison environment because of his sensitivity to loud noises.

    Oh, prison is unpleasant? Who knew?

    Frisiello may have autism, but his crime is a serious one and it turns out he has been accused of this before now.

    Scott J. Croteau reports at Mass Live:

    Massachusetts man accused of sending threats to Donald Trump Jr. sent letters to judge in Boston Marathon bombing case, authorities say

    Investigators testified that Frisiello sent letters to several police departments, a judge, Trump’s family and others years before he sent the five letters containing the powder this year.

    Postal Inspector Michael J. Connelly from the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, said deputies from the U.S. Marshal’s Office visited Frisiello’s Beverly home in October 2014.

    Under a fake name, Frisiello sent letters to a prosecutor involved in the trial against Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev along with the federal Judge George O’Toole Jr., who presided over the case.

    “You have to be real careful of who you let into your courtroom,” the letter to the judge said.

    The letter to the prosecutor discussed Frisiello’s stance against the death penalty, Connelly testified.

    Letters sent by Frisiello before 2018 did not contain powder, but did include threats, the investigator said.

    A company in Massachusetts received a letter in September 2015 containing threats. The company fired one of Frisiello’s parents the day before.

    So he’s allegedly a repeat offender but not to worry folks because “there’s a village” to keep him from sending any more threatening letters to anyone.

    After all, that’s obviously worked so far, right?

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    snopercod | March 13, 2018 at 2:34 pm

    More likely they released him because he was gobbling up all the food in the jail.

    Did anyone check to see if he’s been sending packages to Austin?

    Subotai Bahadur | March 13, 2018 at 6:30 pm

    I expect that he will turn up, armed, in DC while awaiting trial. Weapon furnished by the DNC.

    Jack Klompus | March 14, 2018 at 10:45 am

    So we can finally match a face with the name Yellow Snake.

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