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    Ben Shapiro at U. Minnesota: ‘Socialism is Tyranny’

    Ben Shapiro at U. Minnesota: ‘Socialism is Tyranny’

    “The notion of socialism is that you do not own your own freedom”

    Conservative author and activist Ben Shapiro spoke at the University of Minnesota this week, despite protests from campus progressives. During his talk, he offered a sharp distinction between socialism and capitalism.

    As usual, a massive security presence was required for the event.

    Anders Hagstrom reports at the Daily Caller:

    Hundreds Of Police Officers Protect Audience At Ben Shapiro’s St. Paul Speech

    Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro’s appearance at the University of Minnesota went off without incident Monday night, thanks to 100 cops who surrounded the lecture hall with concrete barriers.

    Dozens of protesters gathered outside the lecture hall in an attempt to prevent people from attending, but they were held back by police, City Pages reported Tuesday. The largest obstacle to attendance, however, was the venue itself. U of M students requested a larger event venue for Shapiro’s speech, but the administration relegated him to the smaller 400-person venue after students protested and claimed he was a white nationalist. As a result, there wasn’t enough room for many of the students who wished to attend.

    “We’re besieged because of our views,” Abdi Mohamed told, who was turned away from the venue for lack of space, told City Pages. “We have to have this militaristic guard just to share a couple opinions.”

    Shapiro noted that many college-aged people today seem to want socialism. But as he pointed out, socialism is the opposite of freedom.

    From the FOX News Insider:

    ‘Socialism Itself Is Tyranny’: Shapiro Addresses MN College Students Amid Protests

    In his speech, Shapiro touched on a number of subjects, including the “tyranny” of socialism.

    “Capitalism is good because capitalism is freedom,” Shapiro argued. “Socialism is bad because socialism is tyranny. Not ‘it’s an aspect of tyranny.’ Socialism itself is tyranny.”

    He explained that the core principle of socialism is that an individual’s labor is owed to society.

    “The notion of socialism is that you do not own your own freedom, you do not own your own time, you do not own your own labor, you do not own your own work, you do not own the products of your own work,” Shapiro said.

    He said the notion of capitalism, on the other hand, is that you own all of those things and must engage in a free exchange with others who do not owe you anything.

    Watch the video below:

    We shouldn’t be surprised that so many young people today find socialism appealing. They have been told all their lives that everything must be fair. Now they are being told by people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren that college should be free and that poverty is the fault of people who have more wealth than others.

    Featured image via YouTube.


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    How Progressives Win the Culture War
    David Brooks MARCH 1, 2018

    Two things have fundamentally changed the landscape. First, over the past two years conservatives have self-marginalized. In supporting Donald Trump they have tied themselves to a man whose racial prejudices, sexual behavior and personal morality put him beyond the pale of decent society.

    While becoming the movement of Dinesh D’Souza, Sean Hannity and Franklin Graham, they have essentially expelled the leaders and thinkers who have purchase in mainstream culture. Conservatism is now less a political or philosophic movement and more a separatist subculture that participates in its own ostracism.

    Second, progressives are getting better and more aggressive at silencing dissenting behavior. All sorts of formerly legitimate opinions have now been deemed beyond the pale on elite campuses. Speakers have been disinvited and careers destroyed. The boundaries are being redrawn across society.

    In this last paragraph, David Brooks takes glee that progressives are no long liberals but fascists.

      Neo in reply to Neo. | March 2, 2018 at 2:58 pm

      The only thing I’d say to my progressive friends is, be careful how you win your victories. It is one thing to win by persuasion and another thing to win by elite cultural intimidation. Illiberalism breeds illiberalism. Using elite power, whether economic or cultural, to silence less educated foes usually produces a backlash.

      Conservatives have zero cultural power, but they have immense political power. Even today, voters trust Republicans on the gun issue more than Democrats. If you exile 40 percent of the country from respectable society they will mount a political backlash that will make Donald Trump look like Adlai Stevenson.

      This happened already … dissing Romney begot Trump.

    unommin | March 2, 2018 at 3:12 pm

    Rather than the alleged Russian trolls in so-called social media affecting elections, I’m much more concerned about the 75 year effort from the Left that created government unconstitutional institutions,
    put terrorists into college professorships, who then went on to certify teachers, who then infiltrated the school system to brainwash our kids with their Soviet Bolshevik ideas. Collusion, multigenerational.

    DaveGinOly | March 2, 2018 at 6:47 pm

    “Hundreds Of Police Officers Protect Audience At Ben Shapiro’s St. Paul Speech”

    Allow me to reduce this to its most basic element:
    “Hundreds Of Police Officers Protect Speech”

    This is what progressives have brought us to – it takes police presence to defend free speech from leftists’ assaults (and that last word is used literally, not figuratively).

    Cleetus | March 3, 2018 at 7:27 am

    Rarely before have we seen such abject fear towards ideas that differ from what they have been exposed to. This terror of new ideas an the vigor with which they demand protection from these new ideas be stifled should speak volumes. Isn’t it amazing how close minded those are who scream the loudest about being open minded?

    forksdad | March 3, 2018 at 10:37 pm

    What the heck, is yellow the new official color of the democrats/communists? They got tired of stealing our blue for a while and don’t want to go back to red/pink yet?

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