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    EPA Headquarters: Epicenter of the Draining Swamp

    EPA Headquarters: Epicenter of the Draining Swamp

    Karma visits for Christmas, gifting the agency with sewage overflows and staff reductions!

    Perhaps no agency has been so public about its #Resistance to President Donald Trump and his efforts to drain the swamp and reduce regulations than the Environmental Protection Agency.

    Perhaps, then, it is fitting that as we approach the 1-year anniversary of the Trump inauguration, the agency’s headquarters appears to be the epicenter of a draining swamp.

    Between the threat of budget cuts, major restructuring, and having a climate change skeptic run the show, it’s been a pretty rough year to work at the Environmental Protection Agency. On Thursday, things only got shittier.

    Employees at the EPA headquarters in Washington, DC, discovered that sewage was literally spewing out of the water fountains, E&E News reports. They got an email at about 9 AM letting them know that there was a “water line back up” causing an “issue” with the fountains. According to the folks inside, “issue” was an understatement.

    “A sewer problem at EPA HQ has resulted in poop exploding out of water fountains,” Dan Becker, director of the Safe Climate Campaign, told E&E.

    The poopsplosion pictured apparently detonated outside the EPA’s Office of Policy, in a hallway nearby EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s office, Mashable reports. According to E&E News, a few other water fountains overflowed on the same floor, and the odor from the black sludge wafted into nearby offices.

    Given the EPA’s role in the Animas River disaster, it appear that Karma may have paid a Christmas visit:

    The drainage of employees is continuing as well, with over 700 bureaucrats resigning in the past year.

    “According to agency documents and federal employment statistics, 770 EPA employees departed the agency between April and December, leaving employment levels close to Reagan-era levels of staffing,” ThinkProgress said. “According to the EPA’s contingency shutdown plan for December, the agency currently has 14,449 employees on board—a marked change from the April contingency plan, which showed a staff of 15,219.”

    After months of crying at their desks over Trump’s election victory, bureaucrats are now “quitting in disgust.”

    “There has been a drop of employees of 770 between April and December. While several hundred of those are buyouts, the rest of those are either people that are retiring or quitting in disgust,” Kyla Bennett, who works for a nonprofit for government environment works, told ThinkProgress. “Is that number higher than it would normally be? I think it is.”

    Guess where are some of the climate change activist are headed! France!

    Eighteen climate scientists, 13 of them based in the United States, were on Monday named the first beneficiaries of the research grants linked to French President Macron’s “Make Our Planet Great Again” project, which will see them relocate to France.

    “The selected projects are of very high standards and deal with issues that are particularly important,” the jury said in a statement, noting its members had received a total of 1,822 applications, of which 1,123 came from the US. A second round of laureates will be announced “during the course of the spring of 2018”, it said.

    Frankly, this kind of outsourcing I can get behind. It’s good that there are more spots open in France, too. The Trump goal is reducing the agency’s numbers by 20%!

    The EPA, like the FBI, was once a respected and trusted institution. The self-righteous, eco-activists that have infested the agency have hurt the nation by altering its primary mission of real pollution prevention (e.g., focusing on lead and not life-essential carbon dioxide).

    The government’s climate change warriors were allowed to to so because no politician dared to pull the plug and be deemed a “evil polluter”…until President Trump. Now, most normal Americans probably feel like this:


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    IndependentDem | December 17, 2017 at 7:40 am

    If we can make an educated guess that the average salary and benefits of each employee is about $125,000/yr, then the US taxpayer will save just under $100,000,000 a year with their departure – and that’s just for these piddling 770. And with no detrimental effect on the environment whatsoever. I call that winning.

    Now, my own Department (State) is experiencing something similar. That’s more savings, with no detrimental effect whatsoever on diplomacy (that’s actual diplomacy, not SJW ranting and bullying). And what makes this even more beautiful is that the most leftist among the departments are the ones self-selecting themselves out of gov’t. Sounds like Romney was on to something in 2012 with his self-deporting concept.

    Imagine the benefits to America when an entire department (say, like the Dept of Education) is done away with.

    Unknown3rdParty | December 17, 2017 at 9:01 am

    14,449 employees at the EPA? That’s about 14,200 too many. And at IndependentDem’s $125,000/yr assessment, that’s $1.775B … that’s winning. Do that to each of the overbloated cabinets …

    rustyshamrock | December 17, 2017 at 10:26 am

    770 out of 14,449? 5.3%? Sounds like a piss-poor start to me! (Or should I say “shit-poor”?)

    clayusmcret | December 17, 2017 at 11:49 am

    Take the number of people hired by the EPA in the past 15-20 years and subtract 700. That will leave the approximate number of employees who should be fired from the EPA.

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