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    Terrorist Rasmea Odeh lies one last time as she is deported

    Terrorist Rasmea Odeh lies one last time as she is deported

    Her last lie ever on U.S. soil, published in the Chicago Sun-Times.

    The story of Rasmea Odeh is the story of a terrorist and confirmed liar.

    We’ve documented both aspects of her life exhaustively. She was a military member of the terrorist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Yet she claims she was just a political activist.

    Rasmea participated in at least two bombings in 1969, of a supermarket in Jerusalem that killed two students and the attempted bombing of the British consulate.

    Rasmea then lied on her visa and naturalization papers, denying being a member of a terrorist group or having committed terrorist acts. She also denied EVER having been convicted or imprisoned, when in fact she was convicted in 1970 of the bombing and served 10 years in Israeli prison before being released in a prisoner exchange for an Israeli soldier captured in Lebanon.

    Rasmea concocted a personal narrative that was a lie. She claimed she only confessed to the bombings after 25 days of sexual torture, when in fact she confessed one day after arrest. There also is a mountain of independent evidence of her guilt, including the videotaped statements of her two co-conspirators made years later for pro-Palestinian films.

    After being arrested in Chicago for immigration fraud in 2013, Rasmea then concocted a defense predicated on the lie that she suffered from PTSD which caused her not to understand the questions on the immigration and naturalization forms. In her plea deal, Rasmea admitted that was a lie, and that she fully understood the questions, knowingly lied, and her answers were not the result of PTSD or any other mental condition.

    This lying terrorist murderer became the darling of the anti-Israel left, including groups such as Jewish Voice for Peace and the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights (formerly known as the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation). Those groups, and many others, continue to back Rasmea despite the overwhelming evidence of falsehood.

    Is there anything Rasmea will NOT lie about? Apparently not.

    On September 19, Rasmea was deported :

    Today was the day. Convicted terrorist murderer and immigration fraudster Rasmea Odeh’s last day on U.S. soil.

    She’s been stripped of her citizenship and put on a plane out of O’Hare for Jordan, where she’ll join convicted terrorist murderer Ahlam Tamimi, the mastermind of the Sbarro Pizzeria Massacre.

    For background on Rasmea and her pathetic lying supporters, see my post Convicted terrorist and immigration fraudster Rasmea Odeh to be deported September 19. 

    For background on the lies of Rasmea and her supporters, see our posts:

    I also gave a detailed explanation in my interview, The Lies of Rasmea Odeh and Her Supporters Exposed.

    The Chicago Sun-Times ran an abysmal puff piece by reporter Maudlyne Ihejirika about Rasmea’s departure, Political activist Rasmea Odeh a symbol of deportation’s many faces. The Sun-Times article insanely tried to tie Rasmea’s deportation to Trump immigration policies:

    Odeh wasn’t interested in rehashing the facts of her case on Tuesday.

    “What’s the point?” she said. “This is unjust, inhuman. I feel for every immigrant that will go through this in America. No words for this pain.”

    Odeh is just one face of the Trump administration’s tougher stance on illegal immigration, a crackdown that has played out in high profile cases such as that of 67-year-old Berwyn grandmother Genoveva Ramirez, ordered to leave by October due to an expired visa.

    In reality, Trump policies had nothing to do with Rasmea’s deportation. Rasmea was arrested in 2013, convicted the first time in 2014, and the retrial was pursued through the end of and beyond the Obama administration by career prosecutors. Rasmea was prosecuted because she committed immigration fraud, not because of some change resulting from Trump.

    But it gets worse. The Sun-Times also allowed Rasmea one last lie by repeating her claim that she was being sent to a place (Jordan) where she knew no one and had no family. This is classic Rasmea victimhood spin:

    “For the past month, I haven’t been able to sleep at night, just crying all the time,” Odeh said, chatting as she packed to head for the airport and a plane bound for Jordan, where she has no home or family.

    “Jordan was not my choice. It was the passport they said they will give me when I get to the airport,” she said. “I used to have people in Jordan, but it’s been years. I don’t know who’s there, what’s there. I’ll have to find and make a place for myself in my community, which is not easy at my age, rebuilding a life at 70 years old?”

    One of Rasmea’s main support groups, the U.S. Palestinian Community Network, knew better. It tweeted out images of Rasmea’s family and friends waiting for her at the airport in Amman, Jordan:

    USPCN even ran live video of her family and friends greeting her. At 2:35 of the live feed she’s told, “Greetings from the families.”

    Fortunately, it’s Rasmea’s last lie on U.S. soil.

    Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued a press release confirming that Rasmea is forever barred from returning to the U.S.:

    Rasmieh Yousef Odeh, 70, was ordered deported from the United States in August 2017, following a federal immigration fraud conviction, and order revoking United States citizenship. She was removed to Jordan via commercial flight under escort by Detroit-based ERO deportation officers. Upon arrival at the Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan, she was turned over to Jordanian officials without incident. Odeh is barred for life from reentering the United States.


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    Now, hopefully her mysterious demise.

    A 9mm demise.

    Bye, Felicia.

    tom swift | September 22, 2017 at 9:52 pm

    Finally. Ugh.

    This pig didn’t have a leg to stand on, and she still managed to make a monkey of American justice for years.

    ssns4ever | September 23, 2017 at 10:47 am

    Get lost loser.

    Too bad they didn’t deport her to Israel. It would be so much easier to get to her there rather than having to do it in Jordan.

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