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    Pakistan: Christian Man Sentenced to Death For Blasphemy

    Pakistan: Christian Man Sentenced to Death For Blasphemy

    “insults against the Prophet Mohammad are punishable by death”

    As we oppose and reject antifa (really profa) and its violent opposition to drastically limiting free speech in this country, it’s worth noting the outcome in other countries when things we still count as free speech are counted as death-penalty offenses.

    In Pakistan, a 35-year-old Christian man has been sentenced to death for purportedly sharing material that mocked Mohammed on the social media app Whatsapp.

    Reuters reports:

    A Christian man has been sentenced to death on blasphemy charges by a court in eastern Pakistan after a close friend accused him of sharing anti-Islamic material, the defendant’s lawyer said on Friday.

    Blasphemy is a criminal offence in Muslim-majority Pakistan, and insults against the Prophet Mohammad are punishable by death. Most cases are filed against members of minority communities.

    Nadeem James, 35, was arrested in July 2016, accused by a friend of sharing material ridiculing the Prophet Mohammad on the Whatsapp messaging service.

    Lawyer Riaz Anjum said his client intended to appeal against the verdict, passed on Thursday by a sessions court in the town of Gujrat.


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    I’m sure CNN & MSLSD will cover this thoroughly as Islamophobia on the part of the horrific act of a Christian…

    4th armored div | September 17, 2017 at 12:33 pm

    when sharia arrives to Europe in the next few years and the USA if we don’t stop the nonsense of inviting our own destruction,
    this will be a rare occurrence, since the western euros aren’t church goers any longer and Vatican city becomes the euro equivalent of mecca.
    the fight will then be in eastern Europe and Russia.
    don’t think that Pootie-Poot, Ostrich Legs who is a ‘devout’
    Russian orthodox will put up with that. though with a > 10% Muslim population and a proclivity to manufacture kids, while euros would rather take vacations, he won’t be able to stop it for long.
    as far as the USA goes,
    libs vhae a death wish which will be granted by the death cult.
    we still have a fundy streak and an Independence one as well.
    but the western Europe problem, exemplified by the Donkeys Ass and RINOs, may be hard to overcome. a 2nd or 3rd civil war will perhaps solve that. ask john mclaim about it.

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