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    Reince Priebus OUT at White House

    Reince Priebus OUT at White House

    Looks like The Mooch got his man

    Reince Priebus, Trump’s Chief of Staff, no longer has that position. He is being replaced by General (and Secretary of Homeland Security) John Kelly.

    Trump announced the move in a series of tweets:

    How things have changed. Here’s Trump’s tribute to Reince election night:

    The removal comes just a day after one of the most bizarre interviews ever given by a White House Communications Director. Anthony Scaramucci unloaded on Reince to Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker regarding a leak of a dinner Trump had with Scaramucci and Fox News journalists:

    In Scaramucci’s view, the fact that word of the dinner had reached a reporter was evidence that his rivals in the West Wing, particularly Reince Priebus, the White House chief of staff, were plotting against him….

    Meanwhile, several damaging stories about Scaramucci have appeared in the press, and he blamed Priebus for most of them. Now, he wanted to know whom I had been talking to about his dinner with the President. Scaramucci, who initiated the call, did not ask for the conversation to be off the record or on background.

    “Is it an assistant to the President?” he asked. I again told him I couldn’t say. “O.K., I’m going to fire every one of them, and then you haven’t protected anybody, so the entire place will be fired over the next two weeks.”
    I asked him why it was so important for the dinner to be kept a secret. Surely, I said, it would become public at some point. “I’ve asked people not to leak things for a period of time and give me a honeymoon period,” he said. “They won’t do it.” He was getting more and more worked up, and he eventually convinced himself that Priebus was my source.
    “They’ll all be fired by me,” he said. “I fired one guy the other day. I have three to four people I’ll fire tomorrow. I’ll get to the person who leaked that to you. Reince Priebus—if you want to leak something—he’ll be asked to resign very shortly.” The issue, he said, was that he believed Priebus had been worried about the dinner because he hadn’t been invited. “Reince is a fucking paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac,” Scaramucci said. He channelled Priebus as he spoke: “ ‘Oh, Bill Shine is coming in. Let me leak the fucking thing and see if I can cock-block these people the way I cock-blocked Scaramucci for six months.’ ” (Priebus did not respond to a request for comment.)

    Scaramucci has come under intense criticism for the profane tirade, though it endeared him to some Trump supporters. He tweeted:

    How else is the Mooch’s week going? The NY Post reports his wife just filed for divorce. His response:

    How did the dismissal of Reince go down? Apparently unceremoniously according to the “pool” report:

    Though “sources” close to Reince say he resigned yesterday:

    Reactions have been “interesting”:

    I don’t think it’s coincidence that Reince is out just as Republicans in the Senate failed to pass any form of Obamacare repeal.

    This could be the start of Trump going after and around congressional Republicans, particularly in the Senate.

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    inspectorudy | July 29, 2017 at 6:15 am

    Other than the hatred that the msm hold for Trump, what all of the last six months show is a neophyte president and his inexperience politically. He is regaining his feet and knows that if you want a job done right you go to the people who have done that job many many times. Kelly has done every job given to him in his lifetime and will put the fear needed into this group of babies. We can all understand why Trump selected some of these people because he was reaching out to them after a brutal election. But his efforts were not met with equal intentions. The DC “Game” is to help yourself to a better position no matter who’s head you have to step on. Unfortunately, I do not think Scaramucci is the right man to do the job he has been hired to do. I think he and Kelly are going to butt heads real soon. I do not have to speculate who the winner will be.

      Ragspierre in reply to inspectorudy. | July 29, 2017 at 10:14 am

      “He is regaining his feet and knows that if you want a job done right you go to the people who have done that job many many times.”

      Sorry. His appointment of Little Tony belies that whole theory.

    BTW, Priebus has been suspect from the beginning. I would fire the entire communications teams and more and restaff from square one like FDR did in WWII at the suggestion of Churchill. Security starts with Number One and builds out one relationship at a time. That is how the CIA was created to replace the OSS and get the drama queen showboat J Edgar Hoover out of the national security spying business. Stopping leads is very doable. With a fresh smaller team, it should be much easier to identity leakers via methodology.

      Ragspierre in reply to Pasadena Phil. | July 29, 2017 at 9:31 pm

      “Security starts with Number One and builds out one relationship at a time.”

      So does a culture of leaking, and Der Donald is Leaker Delux. Administrations commonly leak very much on purpose, and this one is tops.

      National security has very little to do with “leaks” about a dinner with Seanenne Hannity. Nothing, in fact. Der Donald is just a narcissistic, sick child, and he actually believes everyone owes him “loyalty”. Even you can see what a one-way street that is…!!!

      Or probably not…

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