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    Palestinians already planning terror campaign if U.S. Embassy moves to Jerusalem

    Palestinians already planning terror campaign if U.S. Embassy moves to Jerusalem

    Fatah Party has started operational planning.

    Yesterday I asked, Has Trump gone soft on Jerusalem Embassy move after threats of violence?

    Those threats already are moving into the operational planning phase, with the Fatah Party, to which Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas belongs, mapping out its terror strategy.

    PalMedia Watch reports, Fatah has already planned a terror campaign to prevent US embassy move:

    Abbas’ Fatah Movement has already held meetings in preparation for a terror campaign against Israel should the United States decide to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, according to Deputy Secretary of Fatah’s Jerusalem branch, Shadi Mattour.
    Mattour told official PA TV that Fatah is holding meetings with “all the field leaders in the branches and the Shabiba (Fatah’s youth movement)… in preparation for a fierce popular intifada.” He declared that Fatah “won’t hesitate to take to the streets and return to confronting the occupation using all means.”
    The term “using all means” is a Palestinian euphemism for violence and terror. Already last week, Palestinian Media Watch reported that PA and Fatah leaders are preparing the population for a violent response to a decision to move the embassy by threatening that an  embassy move will lead to bloodshed .


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    Mi>The term “using all means” is a Palestinian euphemism for violence and terror.

    The appropriate answer to this is a very short press conference stating the following:

    The United States has received the Palestinian message that they will be “using all means” to confront the Israeli population on their claim of Israeli occupation. The United States formally advises the Palestinians that if any United States citizen comes to harm by Palestinian resistance “using all means” that the United States will be forced to respond in kind “using all means” at United States disposal to decimate the Palestinian Authority and Hamas terrorists.

    Followed by “Consider this your one and only warning.”

    If a US Citizen is then injured or killed in a Palestinian attack, perform a MOAB air-strike on HAMAS HQ (no warning, no quarter, level the BLOCK, men, women, children). Teach them the MEANING of the horror of war, that they seem to have forgotten.

    Then follow it up with a press conference:

    We have just dropped a SINGLE bomb on HAMAS HQ, which leveled the Headquarters and the surrounding BLOCK due to their cowardly and craven attack on Israel which resulted in injury to United States citizens. The Palestinian authority would do well to acknowledge that the United States can drop THOUSANDS of bombs with nearly no warning. To the Palestinian Authority: Do not engage in or encourage acts which result in harm to United States citizens again or we will unleash our full might and destroy you.

    This is your final warning. There will NOT be another.

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