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    My response to an SJW: I am not your friend and the era of the Beta male is over

    My response to an SJW: I am not your friend and the era of the Beta male is over

    Let me explain why 53% of white women voted Trump

    There has been much bellyaching by liberal white women that 53% of us voted for Donald Trump in November presidential election.

    After learning of this statistic, Sa’iyda Shabazz writes a challenge letter to her white friends in The Mary Sue:

    So, you voted for Trump. You don’t have to admit it, I know you did. Granted, I think the fact that some of you won’t admit it is telling. Some of you have said that you have stayed silent because you didn’t want to get dragged for voting for him.

    If you’re standing by your choice, why won’t you defend it? And to those of you who have been open with your admiration…what exactly do you admire about him?

    She concludes: I may still be your friend, but our relationship will never be the same.

    My response is below:

    Dear Sa’iyda Shabazz,

    While I am not your friend (and clearly won’t be anytime soon), I feel obliged to explain.

    • I am the wife of a white husband (who is a kind, hard-working, devoted family man).
    • I am the mother of a white son (who is the perfect mix of smart and sweet).
    • I am the sister of a white brother (who has served this country honorably as a US Marine).
    • I am the aunt of a white nephew (who has also served this country in the US Army).
    • I am the daughter of a white father (who won a Pulitzer prize covering the race riots in Detroit, in an effort to support civil rights).
    • I am the best friend of a white co-blogger (who has served in various hot spots across the globe as a Green Beret).
    • I am the employee of a white, male employer (who is an awesome boss and a substantial taxpayer).

    I see how hard all of these men work, how much they give to family and friends, and how much they give to this country. These are my primary relationships. When I vote, the quality of their lives are going to be a significant part of my decision matrix.

    While life under Donald Trump may not be perfect for them, I anticipate that their lives will be better because of the policies that Trump plans to enact and the people he intends to put in charge. So will mine. And, so will those of progressives deriding those of us who voted for Trump…including you.

    I am not going to vote so you feel “safe”. In fact, you voting your feelings is part of the problem.

    After eight years of the Obama administration and its antics (e.g., global warming is more of a threat than terrorism), we will be safer only after January 20, 2017.  I suspect there are many other Americans who are looking forward to that date as well.

    As an extra bonus for my vote, I sense there is now an appreciation for the “alpha-male” that has been noticeably lacking for at least eight years. Dear Sa’iyda, please allow me to show you what that looks like:

    I am so damned tired of the continuous white-man-bashing of social justice warriors. It seems I am not the only one, as the evidence suggests:

    I admit that Donald Trump is far from perfect. However, I have seen this man grow during the campaign. I anticipate he will learn rapidly, adjust readily to the conditions of the Office of President, and continue to be flexible and adaptable in pursuing the best interests of all the citizens in this nation (just not the special, protected classes like Obama administration has done).

    Sa’iyda: I sure hope you’re tolerant and open-minded enough to acknowledge improvements in both Trump and the country that you will see in the next four years (at least).

    In conclusion, the one thing I like best about electing Donald Trump: The era of the Beta Male is over.

    I hope my explanation helps. Thank you for the opportunity to do so.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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    I fear what happens next in the series. They rumors I’m hearing are that it won’t live up to Janeway’s fine example.

    And lol, Luke was definately beta. No alpha cries that much.

    CheetoliniWithNukes | January 3, 2017 at 11:47 am

    Cheetolini is so “alpha” male. How “alpha” is it when your rich daddy finds a doctor to give you bone spurs to chicken out of the Vietnam draft? And when this monkey dummies up his wars, like chickenhawk Bush, your silence will be deafening.

    Well written, Mrs. Eastman. As a member of the deplorable 53%, I am looking forward to the next 4 (or 8) years. He’s done pretty well so far and he’s not even sworn in yet!

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