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    Alan Dershowitz Calls Obama ‘One of the Worst Foreign Policy Presidents Ever’

    Alan Dershowitz Calls Obama ‘One of the Worst Foreign Policy Presidents Ever’

    “What he did was so nasty, he pulled a bait and switch.”

    Liberal attorney and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz criticized President Barack Obama’s foreign policy after the U.S. did use its veto power at the UN to end a resolution on Israeli settlements. He said:

    “He will go down in history, President Obama, as one of the worst foreign policy presidents ever,” Dershowitz said during a Monday interview on Fox & Friends. “What he did to Syria, and what he was partly responsible for happening in Aleppo, creating a vacuum for Russia. …

    “Look, I supported his domestic policy. I liked him on Supreme Court appointments. But he created a terrible conflict for people, many like me liberal Democrats who support his domestic policy, but think he was an appalling – appalling – president when it came to foreign policy. He hurt America so badly.”

    Dershowitz then went off on his decision to abstain from the vote on the resolution that condemned Jewish settlements over the 1949 armistice lines. He continued:

    “That’s not the way policy should be made.” Dershowitz said of Obama’s feud with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. “To get even in the lame-duck period, when there are no checks and balances and you don’t have to worry about any election. It”s the most undemocratic thing a president can do to tie the hands of his successor during the lame-duck period.”

    Dershowitz accused President Obama of dishonest regarding the resolution. “What he did was so nasty, he pulled a bait and switch. He told the American public this is all about the settlements deep in the West Bank. And yet, he allowed he representative to the U.N. to abstain –which is really a vote for– a resolution that says the Jews can’t pray at the Western Wall…Jews can’t live in the Jewish Quarter [of Jerusalem] where they have lived for thousands of years. And he’s going to say, ‘Whoops! I didn’t mean that!’ Well read the resolution! You’re a lawyer, you went to Harvard Law School.”

    “He called me into the Oval Office before the election…and he told me he would always have Israel’s back. I didn’t realize what he meant is that he would have Israel’s back so he could stab them in the back.” he added.


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    When comments from fellow Liberal, Jewish, Law Professor fails to have an impact on Obama, you KNOW he intended to screw us, the American people, all along…

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