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    Possibly scariest interview with college Social Justice Warrior I’ve ever seen

    Possibly scariest interview with college Social Justice Warrior I’ve ever seen

    The emotionless, robotic repetition of ‘anti-imperialist’ talking points reminded me of Soviet bloc students I met in Moscow.

    If you haven’t been watching Tucker Carlson’s new 7 p.m. show (Greta’s old slot) on Fox News, you really need to. He’s in his element, as was demonstrated in the epic dismantling, disemboweling, and evisceration of liberal journalist Jonathan Allen.

    While watching the takedown of Allen was fun, Tucker’s interview with a Hampshire College social justice warrior was extremely unsettling, and one of the scariest interviews I’ve seen:

    Hampshire College in Massachusetts has removed all American flags from its campus after unnamed students took down Old Glory on the night before Veterans Day and set it on fire.

    The school’s president said that going forward, “no American flags will be flown on campus. Getting rid of the flag will allow us to focus our efforts on addressing racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and behaviors,” Tucker Carlson reported.

    Carlson discussed the incident with student Daniel Vogel, who supported the removal but did not participate in the burning.

    The student wasn’t a screamer like so many of his peers. And he wasn’t stupid — he probably knows the name of the Vice President.

    The conservative media take on the interview is to say that Tucker destroyed the student. I disagree. The student was impervious to being intellectually destroyed because that would require self-awareness and openness.

    What was scary was the robotic recitation of ‘social justice’ and ‘anti-imperialist’ talking points, with a mesmerized look on his face. I’ve seen that look before, when I studied in the Soviet Union. It’s the look of someone from another world, someone who believes in their alternative truth.

    Many of the students in my Moscow dorm were from the Soviet bloc countries in eastern europe. As a group, they were extremely friendly, not openly anti-American. (Many were secretly anti-Soviet, particularly the students from Hungary.)

    I’ll never forget a student from Czechoslovakia. I don’t remember how it came up, but I mentioned that North Korea had invaded South Korea to start the Korean War. She stopped me and stated that I was wrong, the South had invaded the North. She had the same stare on her face as the SJW interviewed by Carlson. There was no convincing her otherwise. She had been raised in an alternative truth.

    I think we’ve abandoned much of our education system to those who indoctrinate students in alternative truths. The results are students like this SJW, who are beyond reason. That’s far scarier to me than someone screaming — at least the person screaming exhibits human emotion, and has not turned into a robot. I worry more about the robots.

    That robot, by the way, says he wants to become a teacher.


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    IrateNate | November 27, 2016 at 9:28 am

    couldn’t even watch the whole thing, but I think I know how it comes out…

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