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    Chilean Mothers Amplify Preborn Heartbeats to Protest Abortion

    Chilean Mothers Amplify Preborn Heartbeats to Protest Abortion

    Giving the preborn a voice

    Reivindica Feminist Movement, a Chilean women’s movement comprised of pro-life feminists and other mothers, held a powerful protest last month. Strapping fetal heart beat monitors to their bellies, pregnant women gave their preborn children a voice.

    From Texas Right to Life:

    C-Fam’s Marianna Orlandi reports:

    Coordinated by the national NGO Reivindica, an organization that aims to empower “different” voices of women (meaning, the voices not considered by mainstream pro-abortion feminists), pregnant Chilean women gathered in Plaza de la Constitución, then marched to the government buildings. But this time, the women did not speak. They carried loudhailers, which broadcasted the sounds of their unborn children’s heartbeats.

    La Voz del Corazon, or the “Voice of the Heart” flooded the streets as mothers let their children speak for themselves in the face of discrimination, saying, “I’m here. I’m alive. Don’t forget about me even though you can’t see me.” These tiny hearts begin beating almost immediately, with new research from the British Heart Foundation revealing that preborn babies’ hearts begin beating at just 16 days after conception.

    Reivindica seeks to be a voice for the women forgotten by mainstream feminists; namely, mothers, who feel marginalized by society for choosing Life and motherhood.

    Special thanks to C-Fam for bringing this story, originally reported in Spanish, to the attention of English-speakers worldwide.

    The video, in Spanish with English subtitles, is here:

    More of this, please.

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    Evolution from conception. A novel idea conceived by moral persons and born in science.

    Reconciliation of moral, natural, and personal imperatives. It’s not a Choice.

    Selective-child (i.e. Pro-Choice doctrine) is objectively a worse “solution” than one-child. Whereas the latter reflects the ambitions and psychopathy of a minority (e.g. female chauvinists), the former is evidence of progressive corruption.

    The Pro-Choice Church not only normalized abortion rites (i.e. “final solution”), but also clinical cannibalism (a.k.a. “Planned Parenthood”), class diversity (e.g. institutional racism, sexism), selective exclusion or “=”, progressive wars, impulsive regime changes, trickle-up poverty or “redistributive change”, scientific mysticism (e.g. catastrophic anthropogenic global warming), etc.

    I’d like to see a riff on this and project Veritas style videos.

    Show us an actual late term abortion procedure, including ultra sound images of the baby in it’s final seconds as it’s brain is staved in and then as it is dismembered and pulled out of the womb.

    Whoops! Be careful! We have an order for a fully formed heart and lungs to fill today!

    Abhorrent? Yes, of course it is. But getting it on film for people to see with their own eyes would be incredibly powerful.

    “To grant a power to intervene in an abortion decision is therefore, inevitably, a grant of power to coerce abortion.”

    If I attempt to murder someone and the state intervenes, does that mean the state has the power to coerce me to murder someone else?

    “The Roe v. Wade decision guarantees that the decision to abort a baby is taken on an single case-by-case basis, by the most interested human being, not the government.”

    Two sets of rights in conflict – the Liberty of the mother VS the Life of the child. The “most interested human being” is the one about to lose their life….

    “In our imperfect world, it is a bulwark against a slaughter of the innocents, by the government.”

    We’ll kill million of innocents to keep the government from killing them instead?

    “Roe v. Wade stands in the way of those death panels that would deny treatment to defective babies.”

    If you cut off your arm, it can never be broken. Winning!

    capibara | November 4, 2016 at 1:50 pm

    Translating the sign in the middle:

    “Let’s listen to their desire to live.”

    I’m speechless. And I weep for the ones that aren’t heard.

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