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    Andrew Sullivan Calls Trump ‘Fascist,’ But Predicts He’ll Win

    Andrew Sullivan Calls Trump ‘Fascist,’ But Predicts He’ll Win

    Sullivan: Trump Fostering Fear ‘In Way that Only Fascists of ’30s’ Did

    On yesterday evening’s Hardball, an overwrought Andrew Sullivan stopped just short of chewing the scenery, while repeatedly referring to Donald Trump and Ann Coulter as fascists. But precisely because of Trump’s supposed fascist fear-mongering, Sullivan predicted that “Trump is going to win this election.”

    Former New Republic editor Sullivan claimed that we are in a “fascist moment” because white Americans are reacting to the country becoming majority-minority. Calling Ann Coulter “the other fascist” along with Trump, Sullivan cited Ann’s book “Adios, America” as epitomizing the fear of the foreigner driving Trump’s support.

    Sullivan also cited fear of Islam as another “critical factor” driving Trump’s support. Sullivan accused Trump of exploiting that fear “in a way that only the fascists of the ’30s fostered.”

    ANDREW SULLIVAN: The fundamental truth about this election in my opinion is that it’s marking the moment when America becomes a majority/minority country.

    CHRIS MATTHEWS: And it’s a reaction to that?

    SULLIVAN: It is a reaction to this across the Western world. We’re in a fascist moment here, and that is the huge force behind this campaign.

    MATTHEWS: Why would whites, as they become an actual arithmetic minority, why would they become fascist?

    SULLIVAN: Because they’re defending what they think — first of all, they don’t believe they had any choice in this. That the massive demographic shift, which is not actually about African-Americans, it’s mainly about Latinos —

    MATTHEWS: I know it is. The African-American percentage in this culture is about where it’s been since we were born. It hasn’t changed much.

    SULLIVAN: Yeah, and, but we have had a massive demographic change in terms of brown people and black people and the future. And that’s happening also in Europe. And the reaction is, we don’t want this country and we didn’t choose it. This is why immigration is so central. Because they believe, “Adios America,” to use the other fascist Ann Coulter’s term. They believe this America is ending, their identity is ending. And that is why Trump is going to win this election, because there are many, many people —

    . . .

    SULLIVAN: And Islam is the other critical factor that has galvanized this. It’s the gasoline on the fire. The fear that aliens are coming into our country and Trump has deliberately fostered in a way that only the fascists of the ’30s have fostered the notion that these people are a potential fifth column coming to kill you and attack you and rape you.


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    The Left has spent the last half century making America into a authoritarian European socialist country with a globalist bent.

    Of course, now that nationalists assert themselves, this authoritarian behemoth of a government must now be authoritarian nationalism, part of the fascist definition.

    Of course, had Bernie won the Democratic nomination, the country would have switched to socialism at which point it will be national socialism (i.e. Nazi).

    Andrew, you keep using that word “fascism” and I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    Totalitarianism… like government control over thought and speech. Thou shalt bake that cake! Thou shalt allow that schlong in your daughter’s shower! Yeah, take a look at the last 8 years.

    Government control over industry/productive capacity…. like Government Motors, or Obamadonglecare?

    Typical prog projection.

    tarheelkate | November 4, 2016 at 2:42 pm

    Thus proving that Sullivan has no idea what fascism was, in addition to having no idea why so many people are voting for Trump, or at least against Clinton.

    Henry Hawkins | November 4, 2016 at 6:55 pm

    Whether they speak in support of liberal or conservative values, media have totally neglected to give us a reason to care what they think. Why would I care what Andrew Sullivan thinks? For that matter, why would I care what a Hannity or O’Reilly think? Every opinion between the left/right poles is covered by some talking head or another, meaning at least all but one is wrong.

    Cable TV news is dead. I cannot recall the last time I heard something on cable TV news I did not already know from the internet. I’ve essentially stopped watching it. I listen to Rush and Levin on the radio, bot more for the entertainment value than political insight. Them two fellers is hilarious, very funny conservatives.

    Which party is hiring brownshirt thugs to disrupt campaign rallies with violence? We know from wikileaks that its the Democrats doing this.

    I think what gets me most is that shills like Sullivan float their bs without an ounce of shame. The Left is so corrupt.

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