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    Hillary destroyed Nakoula Basseley Nakoula’s life with false Benghazi film claim, but no one cares

    Hillary destroyed Nakoula Basseley Nakoula’s life with false Benghazi film claim, but no one cares

    Filmmaker is homeless and lives in poverty and fear, while media obsessed with Trump’s “fat shaming”

    The Clinton campaign’s rollout of the “fat shaming” claim against Donald Trump has been a thing to see.

    This is part and parcel of what has become media collusion with the Clinton campaign, including the coordinated campaign and media rollout of the “fat-shaming” claim. (As to which Trump has completely taken the bait, as the Clinton campaign in-house psychological profilers likely predicted.) Molly Hemingway at The Federalist notes, Alicia Machado Is 2016’s Sandra Fluke, A Democratic Public Relations Scam:

    But when Clinton talks about Machado, and runs conference calls for the media with her, and sets up photo shoots with her, and whatnot, everyone just complies and forgets to mention they’re taking marching orders from the campaign.

    How else to explain how everyone chose the same angle as the Clinton campaign asked them to? Media outlets could have noted that they themselves were calling Machado a fatty-boombaladdy at the exact same time Trump made his remarks. They could have noted that beauty pageant winners are generally judged by their … how do you say it … BEAUTY. Or they could have chosen entirely different angles.

    The fat-shaming charge is Clinton cynicism at its most grotesque.

    Hillary is the woman who savaged her husband’s paramours and sexual harassment/assault victims in the most demeaning and derogatory terms. She called Monica Lewinsky, who but for the blue dress would have been destroyed by the Clinton war room, a “narcissistic loony toon.” And that was not an isolated instance:

    Lewinsky was not the only woman who had a sexual relationship with Bill targeted by Hillary: she called Gennifer Flowers “trailer trash.”

    Flowers alleged in a 2000 lawsuit that Clinton created and ran a “war room” during the 1992 campaign to “smear, defame, and harm” adversaries such as herself.

    Prior to the 1992 election, Clinton worked to get sworn statements from all the women Bill was rumored to have slept with who said the rumors were false. She interviewed some of the women herself, according to Carl Bernstein’s A Woman in Charge.

    Kathleen Willey, who claimed Bill Clinton sexually harassed her during his first term as president, said Hillary Clinton made it a point to launch a “terror campaign” against her and all other women.

    “She is the war on women, as far as I’m concerned, because with every woman that she’s found out about—and she made it a point to find out who every woman had been that’s crossed his path over the years—she’s orchestrated a terror campaign against every one of these women, including me,” said Willey.

    One of those women was Juanita Broaddrick, who says Hillary Clinton threatened her in person two weeks after she claimed Bill Clinton raped her.

    Brutal derision of other women, some of whom alleged sexual assault and rape, apparently is less of an issue for the media than “fat shaming.”

    As bad as all that was and is, so far there has been near silence this campaign season about how Hillary destroyed the life of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the guy who made the Mohammad film, Innocence of Muslims, that Hillary falsely blamed for the Benghazi attack that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

    Hillary’s treachery and lies are now well-known because of documents uncovered against the State Department and Hillary’s wishes. Those documents show that as she was blaming Nakoula’s film for a supposedly spontaneous mob attack, she privately told her daughter and others that it was a planned terrorist attack (which it was). Hillary lied through her teeth to preserve her own political future and that of Obama.

    Others in the Obama administration participated in the lie, as well.

    Nakoula was immediately arrested  after publicity about the film revealed that he used the internet in violation of probation terms. While Nakoula’s life is murky, there is no doubt that his life has spiraled downward since the false claim that his movie led to the deaths. He spent a year in prison.

    Rich Lowrey noted in Politico, The Benghazi Patsy:

    Nakoula Basseley Nakoula deserves a place in American history. He is the first person in this country jailed for violating Islamic anti-blasphemy laws.

    You won’t find that anywhere in the charges against him, of course. As a practical matter, though, everyone knows that Nakoula wouldn’t be in jail today if he hadn’t produced a video crudely lampooning the prophet Muhammad….

    After Benghazi, the administration was evidently filled with a fierce resolve — to bring Nakoula Basseley Nakoula to justice. Charles Woods, the father of a Navy SEAL killed in Benghazi, said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told him when his son’s body returned to Andrews Air Force Base: “We will make sure that the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted.”

    Lo and behold, Nakoula was brought in for questioning by five Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies at midnight, eventually arrested and held without bond, and finally thrown into jail for a year. He sits in La Tuna Federal Correctional Institution in Texas right now, even as the deceptive spin that blamed his video for the Benghazi attack looks more egregious by the day.

    After release from prison, Nakoula has gone into a spiral. In November 2013, Kerry Picket reported Benghazi YouTube Filmmaker Lives Quiet Life In L.A. Homeless Shelter

    Nakoula, an Egyptian born Coptic Christian, is presently on supervised probation in Los Angeles. He lives a quiet life at a homeless shelter provided by the First Southern Baptist Church. He earns $300.00 a month working part time at a pizza parlor, a job he has had for one year.

    “I’m a very poor person. I’m a homeless person. I like to keep my mouth shut. I don’t like to go to jail again. I like to stay with people and be quiet and keep a low profile.”

    “I’m working part time in the church and helping the homeless, because I live with them.” According to Nakoula some in the shelter are aware of who he is, but he mainly keeps to himself helping out in the kitchen.

    “The shelter gives me everything — food, housing, the whole thing.”

    Nakoula is not in touch with his family and is apparently estranged from them. Additionally, he no longer talks to friends or business associates from his past.

    “I’m disappeared from them.”

    Nakoula said the church continues to help him look for more work, but the Benghazi video controversy has made it difficult.

    Fox News reported on September 12, 2016, Blamed for Benghazi: Filmmaker jailed after attack now lives in poverty, fear

    Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the Coptic Christian whose short video “The Innocence of Muslims” was initially faulted for sparking the Sept. 11, 2012 terror attack at U.S. diplomatic compounds in Libya, is now living in a homeless shelter run by First Southern Baptist Church in Buena Park, Calif. He has served time in prison, been shamed publicly by the White House and threatened with death.

    “I don’t believe in democracy anymore,” Nakoula told “I don’t think there is such a thing as freedom of speech.” …

    Nakoula, who is in his late fifties and has been in the U.S since 1984, declined to elaborate on his post-jail experiences, but said he plans to write a book about his ordeal.

    For now, he deferred queries to the Rev. Wiley S. Drake, pastor of the First Southern Baptist Church. In August 2013, Nakoula was relocated from prison to a halfway house – a kind of house arrest although it’s a government facility – to serve out the remainder of his time, and a year later was released into Drake’s custody. For the past three years, Nakoula has been living at the homeless shelter on church grounds….

    According to Drake, the federal government was concerned about the potential threats at the halfway house due to Nakoula’s presence, and agreed to release him to the church. Amid the hoopla sparked by his film and the finger-pointing, Nakoula indeed became a hot target for Islamic fatwas. In 2012, an Egyptian court sentenced him – in absentia – to death for defaming the religion and a Pakistani minister issued a $100,000 reward to have him killed.

    Drake said that they have received a few anonymous phone threats – the last being about a year ago – but he refuses to back down.

    So far, there has been no media frenzy over how Hillary Clinton destroyed the life of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, and the Trump campaign hasn’t made a big issue of it either. Well, at least there are two more debates for Trump to bring it up, if Trump doesn’t get distracted by the next Clinton-media PSYOP ploy.

    [Note: Title and sub-title changed after publication for clarity.]


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    Arminius | October 4, 2016 at 2:36 pm

    I was wrong. And when I’m wrong I admit it. The distance between Sicily and Libya is in fact further than the distance between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

    “Italy – Palermo * Tue 8:18 PM 903 km 561 miles 488 nm Northwest NW”

    “Air line: 347.41 mi Route: 380.91 miles”

    So, silly me. If we accept the published figures that a C-130 can do Mach 0.59, by any standard Dougherty and Woods should not have died without a fight. And they wouldn’t have if a word of the White House press release was true.

    Topnife | October 6, 2016 at 10:28 pm

    Pardon my legal ignorance, but couldn’t Nakoula make a pretty good case against Hillary for defamation or whatever, and certainly real damages?
    Seems like he needs a good lawyer. And if he filed suit right now and did it right, even if he doesn’t have a case, wouldn’t she be desperate to put any suit away overnight by settling?
    Seems like there ought to be some Republican lawyers even willing to do it pro bono.

    Spedvet | October 7, 2016 at 12:53 am

    Hello Professor. Wanted to point you to Breitbart reporter Lee Stranahan’s work on Benghazi.

    He lays out the proof (with verifiable citations) that the video Innocence of Muslim actually was the reason for the attack in Benghazi.

    Hillary Clinton and the US were warned about the upcoming attacks. They did nothing. She had days and days of warnings. And that is the scandal.

    Both Democrats and Republicans are lying about it.

    Read Lee Stranahan’s Twitter or go to his website. Or ask him directly I’m sure he’d love to tell you about it.

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