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    WATCH LIVE: Day 2 of the Republican National Convention

    WATCH LIVE: Day 2 of the Republican National Convention

    Make America Work Again

    Welcome to our live coverage of the the second night of this year’s Republican National Convention! Primetime speeches kick off at 8:00 EST.

    Watch speakers live and see real time commentary from political media and LI authors. I’ll be updating throughout the evening as the situation warrants.

    The lineup:

    First, the official coronation.

    Then, the speakers. It’s a lengthy list that includes a couple Trump kids and defunct presidential candidates Ben Carson and Governor Chris Christie.

    Live stream:

    Political media reaction:

    LI Author feed:

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    Common Sense | July 19, 2016 at 10:37 pm

    The Trump kids both did a superb job with their speeches!

    Don Jr and Tiffany.

    JYLD a super post.

    Make America great again!

    In the biggest laugh from last night department. Remember how Colorado changed rules to avoid primary vote so they could install 40 Cruz crazed nevertrumpers by fiat. Remember how we were told it was alo done proper by the rules and not Cruz’s fault Trump people didn’t know how to work the rules?

    Well in tales from big IRONY turns out Utah failed to follow the rules and file their paperwork last night so under the rules of the convention ALL 40 UTAH DELEGATES WENT TO TRUMP !

    LOL. Priceless.

    Tonight when Cruz speaks still running as the pure conservative Cruz will unwittingly bookend the closing of and final death of the globalist Goldman Sachs Conservative wing of the GOP. Cruz doesn’t yet realize that wing of the GOP will no longer exist after November. Irrespective of who wins. Cruz will be the leader of a minority of a minority of GOP voters.

      Yeah, you are smarter than Ted Cruz. We can all see how smart you are:

      The “smart” Trump supporters delighted in the fact that Ted Cruz was “not liked” by those in Washington – aka “the Establishment”, and at the same time strongly stated that Trump was an outsider and not “the Establishment.”

      Now you show us your true colors. You delight in the demise of Conservatism and berate a fellow American who has served this country by protecting its freedoms against “the Establishment’s” status quo.

      You subtract from America’s greatness and so does your orange candidate.

    rotten | July 20, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    Ben Carson really brought it. Hillary == Saul Alinsky == Obama == Lucifer

    And the connection to Obama is Michelle’s speech that plagiarized Rules for Radicals… The speech that the media just handed out to everybody to “gotcha” Melania Trump.

    This is 17th level genius.

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