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    Polls Show Voters Do Not Trust Hillary, Now Tied With Trump

    Polls Show Voters Do Not Trust Hillary, Now Tied With Trump

    She’s even losing support among young voters.

    Democrat presumptive presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers have slipped after she escaped charges for her emails at the State Department.

    A New York Times/CBS News poll shows that 67% of voters do not find Clinton “honest and trustworthy.” In a month, she lost her 6% lead over Trump in the CBS News poll, which now puts them dead even.

    From The New York Times:

    Just 28 percent of voters said they had a positive view of Mrs. Clinton, compared with 33 percent last month. Asked if her email practices were illegal, 46 percent of voters said yes, compared with 23 percent who said using a private server was improper but not illegal. Twenty-four percent said she did nothing wrong.

    “I just don’t think she’s been completely truthful with this whole thing with her emails,” Cecelia Purner, 67, a retired customer service representative in Allentown, Pa., said in a follow-up interview. But, she added, “I think she’ll make a good president if elected.”

    A recent Huffington Post chart, updated in the last 22 hours, shows Clinton has a 56.4% unfavorable rating:

    All of these slumps have led to Hillary only enjoying a 3% lead over Trump in the general election:

    FBI Director James Comey recommended the Department of Justice not bring charges against Clinton even though they found she and staff mishandled classified information on her private email server. But Comey admitted to the House Oversight Committee “that any of his employees who handled emails the way Clinton did could be subject to dismissal or loss of security clearance.”

    FBI agents had to sign an NDA to force them not to talk about the investigation. It turns out many “believe there was an inside deal put in place after the Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton tarmac meeting.”

    On Wednesday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch dodged questions from Republicans on why she chose not to prosecute Hillary. Instead of answering the simple questions, she told them to reread Comey’s statements. Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), chairman of the committee, also said not to at least “pursue charges ‘defies logic and the law,’” especially since she met with former President Bill Clinton in Arizona right before Comey announced his decision.

    Clinton still has an enormous lead over Trump with young voters, but the lead has dwindled since April. The Harvard Institute of Politics found that “45% of likely young voters” still back her for president “compared to 23% for Mr. Trump and 13% for Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson.”

    The institute also found that Trump supporters show more enthusiasm for him than Clinton supporters feel about her:

    Among Trump backers, 36% said they were “very enthusiastic” about their choice; 21% of Mrs. Clinton’s supporters were “very enthusiastic.”

    Earlier this month, the Public Policy Polling released a poll that showed 13% of respondents would choose Giant Meteor over Clinton and Trump. 27% of Independent voters chose the meteor.


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    rotten | July 15, 2016 at 10:23 am

    Maybe she should actually hold a press conference and take questions from non sycophant media.

    Hillary has not held a press conference since December 4, 2015, when she answered only 7 questions.

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