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    Maddow Mocks RNC Speaker, Woman Golfer Gulbis, for Modest Ranking

    Maddow Mocks RNC Speaker, Woman Golfer Gulbis, for Modest Ranking

    If Tiger Woods Supported a Republican, Maddow Would Probably Dismiss Him as ‘a Golfer Currently Ranked 628 in the World’

    Where does Rachel Maddow’s feminist solidarity end? When a woman has the audacity to support a Republican . . . On MSNBC, commenting on tonight’s RNC, Maddow twice mocked speaker Natalie Gulbis, a professional golfer, for her current modest world ranking of about 500.

    In doing so, Maddow ignored the fact that Gulbis is a former #6 on the LPGA money list, has won four professional tournaments and at one point placed in the top 10 in four consecutive major championships. If Tiger Woods spoke for Trump, I suppose Maddow would dismiss him as “the 628th golfer in the world” [his current ranking.]

    Maddow Mocks RNC Speaker, Golfer Natalie Gulbis from Mark Finkelstein on Vimeo.

    Even Brian Williams was moved to observe that Maddow was using “using sarcasm.” Eugene Robinson and Steve Schmidt rose to Gulbis’ defense, pointing out, respectively, that Gulbis had previously been ranked higher and that “golf is a cruel game” in which being ranked 500th “makes her a hell of a good golfer.”

    RACHEL MADDOW: Natalie Gulbis is the next speaker. She’s the number 492 ranked pro golfer in the world. She was also on Celebrity Apprentice. Continuing a sort of theme tonight where they’re putting on people who are not necessarily well known, we have Adam [sic, Andy] Wist from Standard Waterproofing. We’ve got this Celebrity Apprentice pro golfer, ranked roughly number 500 in the world. We’re also going to have an employee of a Trump winery speaking this evening. I should tell you that there’s also, landmark moment in American political history, we are going to have, I think it’s going to be the only national convention in American political history in which we are going to have not one, but two former cast members from The Bold and the Beautiful speaking on two different nights of the convention.

    BRIAN WILLIAMS: I think you are using sarcasm right now.

    MADDOW: No, it’s true. Antonio Sabato, Jr., yesterday, underwear model, was on The Bold and the Beautiful. Tonight there is a person who’s being billed as an avocado farmer, she was also on The Bold and the Beautiful, who’s the last on the agenda, for tonight’s primetime list. She was also on The Bold and the Beautiful but not at the same time as Antonio Sabato, Jr. Also The Young and the Restless but she’s the only Young and Restless actor in the whole convention.

    WILLIAMS: Luckily, our friends Steve and Eugene are here, watching and listening along with us.

    EUGENE ROBINSON: I don’t know from The Bold and the Beautiful, but I believe Natalie Gulbis was once ranked higher than that as a golfer. And she’s fairly well known in golfing circles, because she’s been kind of on the cover of golfing magazines because she — frankly because she’s good looking.

    MADDOW: She had a controversy in the LPGA when she did a swimsuit calendar, and the LPGA didn’t like that, and they sort of banned it from being sold at professional golf events, because they didn’t want a swimsuit calendar at golfing events.

    STEVE SCHMIDT: Golf’s a cruel sport and 500th in the world makes her a hell of a good golfer. I’ll tell you that .


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    Question: were Schwarzenegger or Eastwood mocked for being insufficiently popular?
    Tiger Woods is a sports icon; it doesn’t matter where he stands now. GOP, with their obsession to reach out to the low info crowd, fell for a conman’s promice to showcase celebrities at the convention. Pathetic.
    Trump is like a guy who meets you and tells you that his band is so popular and he is so famous and on the way up, But when he takes you out it turns out that the only one who knows him by name is Scott Baio.usually in a situation like that there is no second date.
    There is no need to Include a lot of celebrities. Celebrity obsession radiates insecurity; count on the general public to senses. One is plenty, especially if he delivers a memorable speech, like Clinton did for Romney. Romney didn’t win, but four years later we still talk about the empty chair.

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