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    Alan Dershowitz on Ted Cruz: Challenged me in class from Day One

    Alan Dershowitz on Ted Cruz: Challenged me in class from Day One

    BONUS – Heidi Cruz on Kelly File

    Noted liberal Harvard Law School professor (retired) Alan Dershowitz was on the Kelly File last night, and repeated what he has said before via News Max):

    “He came into my class, literally his first day in law school with his right had up – not his left hand, his right hand,” Dershowitz said Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File.”

    Cruz challenged his professor on everything, which made his job easier, Dershowitz said.

    “I was against the death penalty, he’s in favor. I was in favor of the exclusionary rule, he’s against it,” he said. “And he made such brilliant arguments that I never had to play the devil’s advocate.”

    Cruz “was one of the best students I ever had,” Dershowitz said.

    Many of his liberal friends criticize him for praising the firebrand conservative, Dershowitz said, but he argues, “I have to tell the truth about my students, even if I disagree with their views – even if I’m not gonna vote for him. I’m not going to change history and pretend that this brilliant student was anything else.”

    Meanwhile, Heidi Cruz appeared on the Kelly File as well. I had never seen her in a full interview before, thought YouTube tells me she has given interviews.


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    Cruz trails Trump in every recent California poll aggregated by RCP, at this time. (citation: )

    California is a conditionally open GOP primary. (citation: )

    That is to say, registered voters presenting as Democrats are *not* allowed to vote in the CA GOP primary.

    Republicans, independents, and those choosing not to disclose a party affiliation *are* allowed to vote in the June 6, 2016 GOP primary.

    Mercyneal | April 13, 2016 at 7:45 pm

    Cruz will win California. He’s organized and has a ground game. Trump does not. He thinks all he has to do is hold massive rallies. Ain’t gonna work in California, pal.

      StotheOB in reply to Mercyneal. | April 13, 2016 at 8:17 pm

      Trump is also only able to get his typical ~37%, that he is absolutely unable to break, in the polls.

      Not a good sign for Trump, especially considering his polling has been nearly 100% accurate the entire race. On average he has hit his poll numbers within 1% – the pollsters are reading the Trump support perfectly and know exactly who his voters are.

      Cruz on the other hand has been getting 10% over his polling this entire Primary. Its been pretty consistant, with about 9% over in early states and 11% over in the second half of states who voted. …And right now, if you add 10% to Cruz, Cruz wins in every single California poll.

      Add to that the fact that the California Primary is a by-District selection process, with you needing to win across the entire State, not just the State overall. The area with the highest Delegate totals is the LA area too, where Cruz is roughly 10% up on Trump already according to the few polls which have broken down support by region.

      Trumps screwed in California, and because he knows he is not going to be able to get to 1237 before the Convention and he has no shot at 1237 at the Convention, I wouldnt be surprised at all if his recent crying of “unfair” by the GOP is not the start of his exit strategy in his desperate attempt to save face for his Brand as he tries to move forward and rebuild after he became such a laughingstock to ~70% of the population.

      Because of that, I say its much more likely Trump is out of the race by California than it is he will win there.

        Arminius in reply to StotheOB. | April 15, 2016 at 12:00 am

        Lots of Trumptards passing bad info about the Kali priry, particularly a link-happy whackjob broad. First nobody except Republicans can participate in the primary unless the state GOP takes affirmative steps to permit it. They are not permitting, hence no one except registered Republicans will be

        Second, statewide polls means nothing. A lot of people have no idea of the quirks of the Kali system. It’s a winner-take-all state, but winning the state only gets you 10 at-large delegates and the 3 RNC appointed delegates. It’s winner-take-all by 53 congressional districts. There is no way Trump can organize to compete in 53 separate elections across the state to win the bulk of the real prize; the 159 congressional district delegates (three per district).

        Third, the candidates have to provide their own slate of delegates. There’s no way Trump can do this since he only started getting organized in Kali this past Tuesday, and the deadline to submit his slate of delegates to the Kali Secretary of State by May 7. That’s just a bit over three weeks away. Cruz has been up and running for a year in Kali, his political director is a former state GOP chairman, and it still took him five months to complete that task.

        Trumps freshly appointed state political director is a GOP strategist. In other words, he’s never actually done this work before. I suppose at this late date he was the “best-of-the-rest” but he’ll have a steep learning curve. Too little, too late. Kali requires far more organization than Colorado and we all saw, except for the trumptards who apparently opted for the bonus drain cleaner eye treatment when the got their lobotomies, how Trump sh*t the bed in Colorado.

        It doesn’t matter if a candidate wins a CD; if the candidate hasn’t submitted delegates for that CD, they don’t get any delegates.

        Only Cruz has submitted a complete slate of delegates for at large and all 53 CDs. Only Cruz has ANY delegates at all.

        Kali and New York are similar in a couple of ways. First, we all know what Cruz meant by “New York Values.” Trump was on Russert years ago and kept saying he was for partial birth abortion, gay marriage, gays in the military, etc. because he was from New York. He kept citing the fact he grew up in New York, specifically Manhattan, as the reason he didn’t believe in the same things people in Iowa believed.

        This was back in his first failed run for President with the Perot party.

        New York values also are exemplified by Cuomo ramming through a gun grabbing bill before the blood dried at Sandy Hook, and roaring that if you’re against abortion and gay marriage there’s no place for you in New York.

        The thing about New York values is, they also make you a San Francisco Limousine liberal. No wonder the crooked, on-the-take, entitled, liberal establishment NYC businessman brags about getting along so well with Nancy Pelosi. They see eye to eye. So he should do well in SF, the SF Bay Area, and the greater LA basin, and a lot of what most people think of when they think of Kali. A coastal strip from just north of the Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton through LA to San Francisco and up into the wine country. Even the Republicans are pretty liberal for the most part.

        Most of the rest of the state is a lot like the rest of the West; places that Cruz does very well. Of course, there are conservative enclaves in that coastal strip such as in Orange county, and liberal enclaves in the rest of the state such as heavily Hispanic El Centro and environs.

        But I don’t see El Centro area Republicans going for Trump.

        Basically, Kali is a big, complex place. You just can’t buy a lot of TV and radio ads and expect to win across the state. It takes planning and organization, and a campaign’s presence just about everywhere. But then Trump can’t plan and organize his way out of a wet paper bag, so I expect Trump to make a couple of appearances in the LA and SF areas, buy TV and radio ads, then claim Cruz cheated him out of his win.

        Because he knows his gullible idiot lobotomized supporters will believe his obvious, transparent lies instead of the evidence right before their eyes.

        BONUS LINK!! (As black tar heroin is to an addict, all caps and exclamation points are to the Trumptard cultists.)

        Now that I have your attention, Trumptards, your Messiah expressed his contempt for you again yesterday to the NYT. You know, his go-to newspaper when he wants to let the other libs know they shouldn’t take what he says to seriously because he’s just taking advantage of your stupidity.

        “WASHINGTON — Donald J. Trump and his allies are engaged in an aggressive effort to undermine the Republican nominating process by framing it as rigged and corrupt, hoping to compensate for organizational deficiencies that have left Mr. Trump with an increasingly precarious path to the nomination.

        …By blaming the process rather than his own inadequacies as a manager, Mr. Trump is trying to shift focus after Senator Ted Cruz of Texas outmaneuvered him in delegate contests in states like Colorado, North Dakota and Iowa, losses that could end up denying Mr. Trump the nomination.

        …But in what sounded like a wink-wink aside, he said, “Don’t forget, I only complain about the ones where we have difficulty.”

        The thing about Trump is, he is so proud about how he can defraud people he can’t help but brag about it while he’s in the middle of defrauding them. In this case, defrauding them out of their votes. If he wins a state, the system is great, especially if he can “disenfranchise” the 65% or so of the voters who didn’t vote for him of their delegates. If he loses he’ll bitch and moan that the system is rigged, he was cheated, his nomination is being stolen, blah, blah, blah. And it doesn’t matter what the voting and delegate selection and apportioning rules are. They could be exactly the same, no matter.

        Trumptards will believe anything he says. That’s why he has contempt for you. He believes you are the people Barack Obama was describing when Obama told a bunch of SF liberals (Trump’s kind of people) about the bitter clingers. They’re clinging bitterly to their Bibles and their guns and their xenophobia. Trump heard that and said, “They also love the military and hate abortion. If I pretend to be for the same things those racist idiots are for, and against the things they’re against, I bet I can make those Republicans vote for me and I can make them look like idiots. Let my call my good friend Bill Clinton and run this by him.”

        You Trumptards do know that is who Trumpy the insult clown conferred with before he announced his candidacy, right, Trumptards?

        Anyways, Trumptards, once again your cult’s messiah is bragging to the press how easy it is to play you for fools. Not even he believes he’s being cheated. But he knows what buttons to press to have you Beliebering it.

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