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    Liz Mair to Ann Coulter: You are in No Way Conservative

    Liz Mair to Ann Coulter: You are in No Way Conservative

    A smackdown you won’t want to miss

    Joining Chris Matthews’ Hardball on MSNBC Monday night, Republican strategist Liz Mair sparred with columnist and purveyor of outrage, Ann Coulter, over Donald Trump’s candidacy.

    Coulter, Mitt Romney fan girl and Chris Christie acolyte has been a champion of Trump’s candidacy since he announced.

    Mair, who runs the PAC Trump Card LLC, the “guerrilla effort” to thwart Donald Trump’s candidacy, is leading the charge to “Make America Awesome (America is Already Great!).”

    The result? A smackdown you won’t want to miss:

    “Inherently, I don’t think that there’s necessarily a problem with destroying certain aspects of the Republican party as it exists. I think that there are many of us in the Republican Party who have a problem with the establishment and the way that it’s run things, but from my perspective — of someone who is a legitimate economic and fiscal conservative — I do have a problem with Trump and where he stands on array of economic and fiscal conservative issues and the fact that he is very close to Hillary Clinton on those issues and in some cases actually to the left of hers,” said Mair.

    Coulter countered that Trump’s candidacy was, “all about immigration,” and that, “it doesn’t really matter what a Republicans position is on saving Social Security or how they’re going to reform Medicare.” Coulter went on to say, “Americans are being out-voted by foreigners and Americans have been begging their own party to shut it down, to stop this endless immigration for decades now.” She then attributed the defeat of amnesty legislation over this past decade to the American people who “shot it down” by “rising up in rage.”

    But is that true? Not according to Mair.

    “I think that that’s a patently ludicrous notion. I mean, most of the time when we’ve been looking at amnesty fights, supposedly, they’ve actually been shut down by a set of groups funded by a population control enthusiast liberal, who was actually involved in zero-population growth in the Sierra Club. That’s who’s actually shut it down. It’s not actually, in any way, advancing the economic interests of the American people. Free-market economists across the board agree with that. The only people who take the stance that Trump is taking with regards to immigration, and who actually believe that what he’s proposing would be a good idea are hardened liberals who adhere to the same economic policy line of unions out of the 1970s,” said Mair.

    Again, Coulter suggests Trump’s popularity is due singularly to the immigration issue (mind you, she also has an “immigration” book out).

    Once more, Mair spoke of the players behind the immigration curtain, namely Numbers USA.

    Discussion then turned to Trump’s allegations that Ted Cruz is not eligible to be president.

    Mair labeled the charges “bogus,” saying both liberals and Establishment Republicans have good reason for wanting to undermine Senator Cruz’s presidential campaign. “Liberals have a vested interest in trying to kick the crap out of Ted Cruz. They hate him and everything he stands for the same as Donald Trump. Who, by the way, is another liberal. He just happens to have an issue with Mexicans,” said Mair.

    Coulter took the bait and foisted herself upon the “Ted Cruz isn’t eligible for the presidency because CANADA!” bandwagon.

    But Coulter hasn’t always ridden the birther bus. In 2013, Coulter claimed Cruz was eligible for the presidency. Mair, had not forgotten and took the liberty of resurrecting Coulter’s old tweets prior to Hardball.

    As the segment closed, Coulter picked Trump as her favorite to take it home — nomination, White House, all of it. “Ann also said that Mitt Romney was the perfect and best Republican candidate and she kissed Chris Christie’s backside up the wazoo,” said Mair. “Immigration!” screeched Coulter.

    When Coulter suggested a Trump/Romney ticket, Mair dropped the hammer, “that’s the proof right there that you are in no way conservative and in no way interested in conservative policy.”

    And scene.

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    Midwest Rhino | January 12, 2016 at 2:05 pm

    I’m for Cruz and Trump. One will likely be the next President. Current polling says Trump, so maybe the “true conservatives” for Cruz should have a plan B, if Trump runs the table in the first three states?

    And I still love Coulter … she makes the argument on immigration that so many still ignore, often out of fear of being called racist. Europe should be a wake up call, to how far our western “leaders” will go to replace the traditional American. The writing was on the wall 20 years ago, or more.

    Coulter’s dalliance with Cristy is harder to understand than that for Romney, but at least she had the good sense to leave Cristy behind. She still gives good sarcasm in her columns, and has long fought in the trenches. Why the hate? Can’t we all just get along? ha

    I R A Darth Aggie | January 12, 2016 at 2:23 pm

    Trump is not a conservative.

    used eminent domain to obtain property for private use
    is a fan of single payer health care
    fairly recently criticized people for “needlessly” provoking Muslims
    advocated for higher taxes on the wealthy

    If you want a Democrat in the White House for another term, maybe y’all ought to vote for an actual Democrat? unless y’all can point me to his Road to Damascus moment when he found out that he was wrong about those things?

    Anyone? anyone? Bueller?

    The good thing about him is that he doesn’t accept the assumptions that baked into the MFM’s questions, and challenges them on that. That’s worth something.

      This election is not about ideological purity. It is about who will build a wall enforce our laws and deport illegals.

      The president doesn’t have anything to do with Kelo type tak8ngs so irrelevant. Emi ent domain was loved by founders which is why tgey put it in the constitution.

      Olinser in reply to I R A Darth Aggie. | January 12, 2016 at 8:06 pm

      Nobody cares. The people that are voting for Trump are perfectly aware of his other shortcomings and are 100% willing to accept them to STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

      Whining about ‘Trump not conservative!’ is not going to sway ANYBODY currently interested in voting for Trump.

      People are pissed off. The establishment tried to cram Jeb! down our throats after years of Boehner and McConnell playing the surrender game in Congress.

      People are sick of some meaningless tag of ‘conservative’ if he isn’t going to do what he says he’s going to do.

      Trump says he’s going to stop illegal immigration, and people believe him. On the strength of that single belief he is very likely to get elected.

      Everything else about ‘conservatives’ is just noise.

      (BTW Cruz is my first choice for President, but I am 100% willing to accept Trump if he stops this illegal immigration bullshit once and for all).

    IMO Trump is up there because he brought up immigration and actually sending people back and building a wall. None of the “we can’t do it” crap…. “I will do it”, is his stance.

    No other candidate, including Cruz has made that part of his agenda.

    Liz Mair is clearly part of the GOPe and completely out of touch with the conservative base.

    Ann Coulter is worthy of great respect. The book on immigration is great, and here is a recent interview.

    “The only people who take the stance that Trump is taking with regards to immigration, and who actually believe that what he’s proposing would be a good idea are hardened liberals who adhere to the same economic policy line of unions out of the 1970s,” said Mair.”

    Liz, Sheldon Adelson, Mark Zuckerberg and Carlos Slim’s checks will soon be in the mail. Make sure and cash Carlos’ check quickly, I hear even the Mexicans are getting tired of his games though, as you’ve shown, there’s plenty in the establishment GOP who will abandon the well being of the nation when the price is right.

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