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    Trump: Hillary’s bullying of Bill’s women may become campaign issue

    Trump: Hillary’s bullying of Bill’s women may become campaign issue

    Going where few dare to go.

    Hillary Clinton is already playing the sexism card against Donald Trump but he responded quickly by implying that if she persists in that line of attack, he’s going to start bringing up her husband’s checkered past. And her treatment of the women.

    Robert Fowler reports at Opposing Views:

    Donald Trump To Hillary Clinton: ‘Be Careful’ When Playing ‘War On Women Card’

    Hitting back at Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s charge that he is a sexist, Donald Trump has responded with a vague threat, telling her to “be careful!”

    Trump sparked outrage during a Dec. 21 campaign rally when he mocked Clinton for using the restroom during the Dec. 19 Democratic debate, calling it “too disgusting.”

    The business mogul then used a slang term that many found to be a crude, derogatory slur against women, saying that President Barack Obama “schlonged” Clinton during the 2008 Democratic primary.

    Trump defended his use of the word, saying that it meant “beaten badly,” according to CNN…

    “The Hillary Clinton staged event yesterday was pathetic,” Trump tweeted. “Be careful Hillary as you play the war on women or women being degraded card.”

    The business mogul repeated his warning later that evening, giving what seemed like a threat.

    “Hillary, when you complain about a ‘penchant for sexism,’ who are you referring to?” Trump tweeted again. “I have great respect for women. BE CAREFUL!”

    Trump’s political director, Michael Glassner, seemed to confirm that the Trump campaign will write off the “schlonged” controversy as Clinton playing “politically correct” gender politics, going so far as to reference former President Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinski, according to CBS.

    “I think it’s ironic that Hillary Clinton is playing the sexism card considering the record of her husband and his term in the White House,” Glassner said. “He was impeached by the House of Representatives for his behavior.”

    CBS News covered the story earlier this week:

    Hillary doesn’t seem too concerned and has even enlisted her husband as a warrior in this battle.

    FOX News reported today:

    Hillary puts ‘secret weapon’ Bill on campaign trail, fueling ‘sexism’ feud with Trump

    Faced with a tight battle in two, fast-approaching primaries, Hillary Clinton will bring husband Bill Clinton onto the campaign trail, a move already escalating the acrimony between her and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

    Clinton said after last weekend’s Democratic primary debate in New Hampshire that husband and former President Clinton would join the campaign trail in January and called him her “not-so-secret weapon.”

    “We’re going to cover as much ground in New Hampshire as we possibly can, see as many people, thank everyone who’s going to turn out and vote for me to try to get some more to join them,” she said.

    Trump isn’t backing down either, as you can see from his Twitter feed:

    This campaign gets more interesting by the day.

    Featured image via YouTube.

    WAJ adds: This Branco cartoon never goes out of style:

    Hillary Clinton War on Women


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    buckeyeminuteman | December 28, 2015 at 1:46 pm

    So Bill and Hillary will be travelling the country, probably separately, advocating the reasons why she should be President. I’d give you two guesses as to who is paying for both security details, but you only need one.

    Arminius | December 30, 2015 at 9:13 am

    I would also love to see Trump make a commercial raising all those trips Billy Jeff made to his good friend Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean Pedophile Island.

    The Democrats are wonders at committing historic Presidential firsts. Billy Jeff is the first President I’m aware of who is tight with a convicted child molester.

    And Barack Obama is the first President to hold a Rose Garden reception for a deserter.

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