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    Watch LIVE: Trump in Mobile (#Trump2016)

    Watch LIVE: Trump in Mobile (#Trump2016)

    Should be interesting

    Will he or won’t he (fill the stadium in Mobile, AL)?

    Watch Live:

    [Live Feed Closed, will add videos when available]


    Trump Mobile Podium

    Trump Mobile Podium 2

    Trump Mobile in Crowd

    Live Twitter Feed below:

    And, we’re off!

    Trump moved from immigration, to hitting Jeb Bush, to bringing Jeff Sessions on the stage. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that he knows what conservatives—at least those who would consider themselves part of “the base”—want to hear. They’re excited about him, and he’s doing a great job playing off that energy with his messaging.

    Of course, You-Know-Who made a cameo…


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    Midwest Rhino | August 23, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    yes of course I understand the CONCEPT that we make high end stuff, they do menial stuff. That was the plan. BUT it has not worked out that way, and now we found our high end has migrated, and even our services sector migrates, like call centers in India.

    Your guy also says that low interest rates hurts consumption … which is why I mentioned ZIRP and QE. We’ve never had anything like that in history. So consumption lags as Obama pushes money around where he wants it … government waste, union crap, welfare state. We have to produce.

    I mentioned Iran and ZIRP,QE because you said in caps, NO tariff ever, no one has that power. But we are in the middle of massive intervention … unprecedented, historical, to use Obama’s phrase. But it favors the banks and it favors big government. The whole world is manipulating their fiat currencies now.

    Here’s what you said:

    Let’s examine the idea of tariffs.

    They are simply BIG GOVERNMENT interventions into free markets.

    That’s all. FULL STOP.

    You are substituting “conservative” or “nationalist” brights for Collectivist “brights”.

    But it’s ALL the same. NOBODY has that right.

    But of course we have that right. We are a sovereign nation. Interventions happen all the time, in many ways. (IRAN)

    We have to quit acting like we will play fair while everyone cheats (e.g. China currency manipulation)

    My broad rant was too broad to address point by point I guess. Simply I think the “globalism” has to be addressed in terms of America as a sovereign, never being subservient to UN authority, as Obama is trying to do with this treaty, and next with gun control via UN “law”.

    This video from my link saying Friedman would never have recommended such intervention (QE, ZIRP) is pretty good. He says don’t bailout banks, no too big to fail (or jail), other good stuff. But they went the other way, banks made rich, grandma robbed. ZIRP and QE have suppressed everything except debt. We should have let LTCM fail way back in 1999. It does have to do with trade because low rates have also encouraged personal debt. That global economic swing didn’t happen the way they promised.

    I was under the impression Israel had a trade surplus … but they have deficits. Bad example. Their new nat gas should help … producing real stuff is necessary.

    If we have full employment, then it makes sense to arbitrage our labor, let China do the menial stuff. But we can’t pay them to do the menial, and pay half our population to be on welfare. Not for long at least.

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