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    Did Donald Trump win Round One with Megyn Kelly?

    Did Donald Trump win Round One with Megyn Kelly?

    It ain’t over, ’til it’s over.

    Megyn Kelly has not only been a rising star, she is at the top of the Fox News food chain, with the possible exception of Bill O’Reilly.

    We explored her success — and anti-Fox News Media Matters’ frustration — in Megyn Kelly’s success must be driving Media Matters crazy-er.

    Kelly had some uncomfortable on-air back and forth with Donald Trump during the first debate, particularly on the issue of how Trump treats women:

    That was followed by a multi-day lambasting of Kelly by Trump post-debate, including the infamous (and disputed) “blood coming out of her eyes, or wherever” comment, resulting in Trump being uninvited from the RedState annaual gathering:

    There then was a series of calls between Fox News head honcho Roger Ailes and Trump, and it seems that the network and Trump have kissed and made up.

    Did Fox News surrender to Trump, as some have suggested, because the viewership sided with Trump?

    The Legal Insurrection readership voted overwhelmingly that the Donald Trump – Megyn Kelly duel hurt The Megyn more than The Donald:

    The readers may know best.

    A YouGov Poll reached similar results. While more people agree with Kelly overall, of Republicans who watched the debate, more people side with Trump, as reported by HuffPo:

    So when just a couple of days after the scuffle Kelly announced she was going on vacation, that was seen as a win for The Donald, the equivalent of Kelly being told by Fox News to take a time out.

    R & R for Megyn Kelly:

    From ‘The Kelly File’, Wednesday, 8/12/15:

    MEGYN KELLY, FOX NEWS HOST: It’s been an interesting week. A long six months, without a vacation for yours truly, do you know that? It’s been six months since I’ve had a vacation. Just ask my assistant. So I’ll be taking the next week and a half off, spending some time with my husband and my kids, trying to relax. The big challenge is trying to put down the Electronica and unplug it. Can you do it? When you go on vacation, I am going to try to look at my little one’s faces and go for bike rides and play at the beach and not look at you. And when I see you back here on the 24th, we’ll pick it all up again. Have a great week. See you soon.

    Now, that could just be a much needed rest.

    Or it could be this:

    This morning, Trump tweeted that Ailes called to assure him that Fox will cover him “fairly” going forward. According to two high-level Fox sources, Ailes’s diplomacy was the result of increasing concern inside Fox News that Trump could damage the network. Immediately following Thursday’s debate, Fox was deluged with pro-Trump emails. The chatter on Twitter was equally in Trump’s favor. “In the beginning, virtually 100 percent of the emails were against Megyn Kelly,” one Fox source, who was briefed on the situation, told me. “Roger was not happy. Most of the Fox viewers were taking Trump’s side.”

    Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit writes, Megyn Kelly Announces Immediate Vacation for 1.5 Weeks – Twitter Goes Wild:

    On Friday an online petition was set up to bar Megyn Kelly from future GOP debates.

    But it’s just Round One. Kelly will be back, from her vacation and at the next Fox News debate.

    UPDATE: Fox News apparently is not happy with the conjecture as to Kelly’s vacation, and pins the blame on the Trump campaign:


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    Harry9000 | August 15, 2015 at 9:21 pm

    When did our side become thinned skinned whimpering wusses? Kelly asked pertinent questions designed to cull the pack of unserious candidates. In Trumps case it didnt work because some conservatives, it seems, have taken up the “progressive” tactic of deliberately refusing to acknowledge any faults in their candidates. Trump is a fool and a clown and could have been a better tool for sinking republicans if the New York Times and Mother Jones could have invented a more perfect plant.

      Barry in reply to Harry9000. | August 16, 2015 at 10:36 am

      Kelly’s a hack. Most recognize it. Your dislike of trump doesn’t change that fact.

      Sammy Finkelman in reply to Harry9000. | August 16, 2015 at 2:56 pm

      Something’s a bit garbled here, but I get your meaning:

      Trump is a fool and a clown and could have been a better tool for sinking republicans if the New York Times and Mother Jones could have invented a more perfect plant.

      Maybe try:

      ….and could NOT have been a better tool for sinking republicans if the New York Times and Mother Jones had selected him. They could not have invented a more perfect plant.

      I still don’t know what the facts are. I suspect the plant is someone advising Donald Trump.

    Voyager | August 16, 2015 at 1:10 pm

    For me, this canned what support I had for the guy. It does not really matter whether her concerns were valid or not. Trump is running for President: if he cannot handle a hostile interview he is going to disintegrate in the general election.

    When the rest of the news media starts pulling out the long knives to defend the candidate of their choice it sure as hell isn’t going to be the Republican candidate.

    If he cannot deal with a hostile reporter he can not win. Period.

    Trump won. When attacked by Rhetoric (bad feels), it is not wise to respond with Dialectic (facts and logic). Responding with facts and logic only gives the crowd the impression that some of the rhetoric was correct.

    Megyn’s question wasn’t a real question, it was a screed. Trump had no obligation to address it.

    Instead Trump made a joke called “agree and amplify.” He basically said, “screw your question, Rosie O’Donnell is all of those things” right on the stage. This response is a classic strength response to a classic female fitness test.

    When Megyn continued, Trump responded with a reframe and redirect. Sexism, wasn’t the problem, Megyn was the problem for enforcing political correctness. Again, since the question wasn’t a real question, it was a bad feels attack, Trump had no obligation to address it head on. Responding to an attack with an attack is again a show of strength.

    Trump actually did answer the question, after demonstrating his superiority in two different classic responses to rhetoric.

    It turns out that attacking Trump with rhetoric is not the way to take him down, when he gets a chance to respond. Trump understands the dynamics of crowds. I wonder if he studied Aristotle or if he learned this on his own from being in the public pot light forever.

    A lot of us were hoping that the candidates were going to discuss issues, but Megyn and Fox turned it into rhetorical attacks. That didn’t go over well with the Republican office. It’s hard to say that Megyn lost however. She’ll now get that cushy job on a liberal network whenever she wants now.

      rotten in reply to rotten. | August 16, 2015 at 4:32 pm

      Recall that Mitt Romney answered a similar (but not as mean) question with facts and logic. His “binders full of women” was ridiculed.

      That comment may have sank momentum he was building.

      By answering a screed with facts and logic, he gave believability to the screed.

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