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    Worst Talking Head in History Launches Media Watch Blog

    Worst Talking Head in History Launches Media Watch Blog

    Write we much!

    This is not a drill: Al Sharpton is launching a media watch blog, and you’re all invited to the party!

    According to Capital New York Sharpton’s advocacy organization, the National Action Network, will launch “The Daily Shift,” a new media criticism blog that organizers hope will give bloggers and citizen journalists a chance in the spotlight.

    The site was announced via the Instagram account of Rachel Noerdlinger, a Sharpton spokeswoman who briefly worked in the offices of New York Mayor Bill di Blasio:

    sharpton shift daily

    For a limited time only, you, dear reader, can contribute your work to Al Sharpton for free!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he needs a little padding to help get started; after all, Sharpton hasn’t exactly defined himself by his successes. Remember this gem, from 2011?

    Resist we much! We must, and we will much…about…that…be committed. From man to meme, in the time span of just a few seconds.

    Here’s a thought: if Sharpton is launching a media watch blog, will he be ethically compelled to report on himself?

    …if there’s anything to report on, that is. Rumors of a pending shakeup at MSNBC have left media watchdogs wondering whether or not the network is ready to put Sharpton out to pasture in favor of bringing primetime firebrand (prepare yourselves) Keith Olbermann back into the fold.

    Via Newsmax:

    Sources told Mediaite that the hottest rumor revolves Olbermann being involved in talks to return to MSNBC, where he hosted “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” from 2003 to 2011. Olbermann, who is doing sports at ESPN2, is leaving at the end of the month.

    “Even a theoretical Olbermann return could suggest MSNBC’s desire to get back into the fiery prime time wars, and also highlights the reality that several other shows are likely on the chopping block,” Mediaite said.
    In addition, the media watchdog said it was told by multiple sources that several MSNBC shows shows are “at risk.”

    They include “All In with Chris Hayes,” “PoliticsNation” with the Rev. Al Sharpton and “The Ed Show” hosted by Ed Schultz.

    “According to the sources, top officials are eyeing the cancellation of Hayes’ nightly program after 27 months of lackluster ratings,” Mediaite said.

    “The show was meant to replicate the success of similarly wonky, younger-demo-appealing Rachel Maddow, but continually failed to achieve ratings, especially while competing with [Fox News’] Bill O’Reilly.”

    Sharpton, Mediaite reports, has become “something of a liability for the network seeking to shift away from its deeply left-wing image.

    If MSNBC wants to shift away from its “deeply left-wing image,” its executives are going to have to do more than fire the befoibled Reverend and a few token hipsters.

    File this one under, “Oh, God.”

    H/t Mediaite


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    Juba Doobai! | July 24, 2015 at 9:49 pm

    Bloody iPad autocorrect feature! I wrote: The name of the blog….

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