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    Huckabee’s Iranian “Daisy” ad

    Huckabee’s Iranian “Daisy” ad


    We’ve seen some slick, modern advertising out of 2016 Republican field so far, but Mike Huckabee decided to go in a different direction with his latest ad hitting the Obama Administration over its irresponsible Iran policy.

    Huckabee’s ad is a reboot of a 1964 ad backing Lyndon B. Johnson in his reelection bid against Barry Goldwater. “Daisy” depicted a small girl counting up as she picks petals off of a flower; when she reaches 10, a voiceover counts down to zero, and a nuclear bomb explodes.

    Here is the original:

    The reboot features the DNC video, plus scrolling text urging supporters to sign a letter to John Kerry on Huckabee’s website.

    Check it out:

    This isn’t the first time a candidate has taken a page from LBJ’s book. Back in 2011 Republican Mark Reed used a version of the “Daisy” ad to hit back at California democrats’ lukewarm response to the threat against Israel:

    Huckabee’s ad is timely considering the state of US policy toward Iran. Negotiating parties in Vienna just gave themselves their third extension in two weeks, with the goal of reaching a final nuclear deal between the west and Tehran by Monday.

    The ad is melodramatic, but at this point, the situation could use a little melodrama. Critics are accusing Huckabee of fearmongering, but—and this is just a thought—perhaps Americans need a little bit of fear injected into their world view when it comes to Iran.


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    Ragspierre | July 11, 2015 at 10:49 am

    We all suffer from what I described years ago as “Obamic Tinnitus”…a persistent ringing in the ears from a daily assault on our senses by a very calculated storm of lies, insane policy, and affronts to our liberties.

    Over time…and this is by design…we all become punch-drunk from this.

    Americans should be scared spitless over Iran…

    and about 20 OTHER things that are being done right now at home and abroad.

    Um, if it’s Huckabee’s ad why does it say “Mark Reed“?

    Huckabee wannabe.

    Like most GOP milquetoasts, Huckabee is pathetically behind the curve, only now pulling his head out from his butt – partially.

    Consider that this has been in everyone’s face since 2008:

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