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    Will Donald trump the entitlement narrative?

    Will Donald trump the entitlement narrative?

    Own it?

    Donald Trump’s big presidential announcement mostly went over like a lead balloon here at Legal Insurrection. For me, it felt like just another announcement; in terms of political theatre it was huge, but in terms of substance…to be honest, I’m still distracted by all the theatre.

    Professor Jacobson did a radio hit after the announcement, and described the impending Trump Candidacy like this:

    “Donald Trump entering the race is pretty much like somebody throwing a hand grenade into the room. He is going to get attention, he’s probably going to cause some casualties, and he is going to absorb a lot of the oxygen in the room.”

    Remember what I said about political theatre? This is what that looks like—someone who comes in and sucks the life out of the cycle just by being there.

    This weekend, Neil Cavuto hosted a panel for a debate on whether or not America “needs to hear” Donald Trump’s message on wealth.


    At around the 6:30 mark, the panel discusses how past candidates—think Mitt Romney, John Kerry—attempted to “ignore” their wealth as part of their appeal to the lower and middle classes, and wonders whether or not it might be better for Republican candidates to own their wealth. I made this point the day Trump announced, arguing that the particular tactic of owning wealth as opposed to trying to make obvious privilege disappear.

    This doesn’t have anything to do with Trump. I believe that in the end, his manner will alienate more voters than his wealth ever could; but this tactic, toned down, should be something that candidates consider as they make their way across the country.

    There’s no better way to destroy your credibility than trying to hide what’s already in plain sight.


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    Henry Hawkins | June 22, 2015 at 11:32 am

    Trump is a complete farce. He’s not ‘sucking the air out’, media, including LI, is giving it to him free.

    There are other candidates besides Bush and Trump, btw.

    If nothing else, he will broach the merits of issues that have been suppressed or disguised. And for that, he should be welcomed.

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