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    Dershowitz: Charges in Freddie Gray case about crowd control

    Dershowitz: Charges in Freddie Gray case about crowd control

    “Who is there on behalf of the people charged with crime?”

    Harvard Professor Emeritus, Alan Dershowitz, joined Fox News’ Megyn Kelly last night to discuss charges filed against Baltimore law enforcement officers in the Freddie Gray case.

    Kelly addressed speculation about bias in prosecutor Marilyn Mosby’s public statements and then gave the floor to Dershowitz.

    “If you’re the prosecutor, you have to be concerned about doing justice for everybody — not just for the victim, not just for the family of the victim, not just for the youth of Baltimore, but also for the accused, for the policemen who have been accused and may have been scapegoated,” Dershowitz explained.

    Recognizing Mosby’s intent was likely to “quell the riots,” something she did with relative success, Derschowitz said, “but you can’t sacrifice individual defendants to the need to stop riots. Imagine jurors who are going to sit now in Baltimore and say, if we acquit these defendants, our houses might get burned down, our stores will be attacked, our children won’t be safe.”

    Can the accused get a fair trial in Baltimore? Not according to Dershowitz. “This trial can’t proceed in Baltimore, it will have to move out of Baltimore and it will need a new prosecutor,” he suggested. Though as Kelly pointed out, Gray’s family wants the case to stay put.

    But what about the rights of the accused? What about the presumption of innocence? And that whole due process thing?

    “Who is there on behalf of the people charged with crime?” Dershowitz asked. Indicating he’s seen no evidence of murder, Dershowitz suggests Mosby has overcharged and is now at risk of “losing everything.”

    Mosby may have temporarily calmed the Baltimore rebellion, but she may have sacrificed justice, due process, and future safety to do so.

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    platypus | May 6, 2015 at 12:49 am

    The Maryland tourist bureau hardest hit.

    You misunderstand a fundamental fact. To this prosecutor and more likely than not all or nearly all black Americans, justice is not a process. Justice is not following the rules of procedure and evidence and that whole dance in the courthouse. Justice is the outcome. If the black person wins, it is justice. If the black person doesn’t win, it is injustice. Period. If you think about it, most if not all progressives are the same. It really isn’t a double standard or even really racism. If their guy or gal wins or is vindicated, that is justice, no matter what the process was, no matter if the rules were followed or not. No matter what the facts are or what the truth is. That is why you hear that so often from both progressives and black Americans, “Facts don’t matter.” They are being utterly truthful. To them and their view of the world, justice is they win. That and that alone constitutes justice. How else court an Attorney General of the United States tell Congress that he understood is primary duty was to “my people”? Exactly that. How can black Americans vote for Democrats year in and year out and get diddly from them in return? Because the Democrats back them on “justice”. That is what “social justice” means: our side wins your side loses. Nothing will change that view.

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