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    #Ferguson is a no-win for the police

    #Ferguson is a no-win for the police

    Fanning the flames of mistrust

    Ferguson is falling apart again, and the police are once again in the crosshairs. Officials are still trying to calm things down in the wake of the targeted shooting of two police officers tasked with supervising a protest earlier this week.

    Here’s how the AP covered the shooting:

    The officers were quickly released from the hospital, but St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said they could have easily been killed and called the attack “an ambush.” Several people were taken in for questioning after a SWAT team converged on a Ferguson home near the shooting site, but they were later released, and no arrests were made.

    The shootings marked the first time in eight months of tension in Ferguson that officers were shot at a protest, and the bloodshed threatened to inflame the already fraught relationship between police and protesters just as the city seeks reforms in the wake of a withering Justice Department report on racial bias in its law-enforcement practices.

    The attack also seemed to create another layer of race-related mistrust after a week in which an unarmed young black man was killed by a white officer in Madison, Wisconsin, and a University of Oklahoma fraternity chapter was thrown off campus after a video surfaced showing members singing a racist chant.

    I’m not entirely sure where a group of racist twenty-something idiots comes into a discussion about police officers getting shot and/or using deadly force to protect themselves, but hey, might as well drag everything into the pot while the fire’s hot.

    MSNBC’s Ed Schultz isn’t helping, either. On Monday, he suggested disarming the Ferguson PD entirely, and today, he asked whether or not police really needed to be at these protests to begin with.

    Because they’re so peaceful. No, really.

    Peaceful protesters—nay, pilgrims—on a journey toward social justice and equality for all. At least, that’s how Barack Obama would like to paint what’s going on.

    Unacceptable, yes; but the “path to justice” the President mentions in his tweet (it was him…he signs his with “-bo”) is no such thing. This Administration, and its surrogates, have made it abundantly clear that their goal is to saturate the narrative with the idea that, although the police aren’t always to blame (as was in the case of Darren Wilson,) this country still has a “systemic problem” with racism and the police. Justice in Ferguson doesn’t mean a jury verdict—it means a catharsis for the professional race hustlers who have spent months licking Eric Holder’s hand.

    Look at this press release from the DOJ:

    He talks about cross-country reforms and peaceful protesters, but the most successful (read: the most media-friendly) protests have been neither peaceful, nor a path to reform. Peaceful protests have and do exist, but the totality of the reaction to what happened in Ferguson and New York has not been peaceful; it has been destructive and disruptive.

    The White House and the DOJ may condemn what happened to these two officers, but that hasn’t stopped them from throwing bones to the people who helped make it happen. Right now, police all across the country are in a no-win situation, and by the looks of things, it’s the goal of the media and the Administration to keep it that way.


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    Iowa Jim | March 13, 2015 at 8:32 am

    I agree with Ed Schultz. The Ferguson police department shouldn’t have been out there. An armored battalion should have been.

    rscalzo | March 13, 2015 at 9:13 am

    Now that Holder’s recent report is being looked at closely by those outside his own circle, the conclusions are starting to fall apart. Yet he has no comment.

    He had no intention of actually releasing something that would highlight any issues in the town. It was meant as nothing more then to save face after a string of failures related to his high profile firearm’s related cases.

    While he managed to detail how the town was functioning, no one from the town itself seemed to ever be interviewed except those that had their livelihood burnt to the ground.

    While Holder keeps insinuating that the town’s operation is a failure and must be cleansed, he doesn’t comment on the fact that the Mayor who many with no connection to the town at all claim to be a racist failure is at fault was recently re-elected last November. It sounds like his intent all along was to move into the town and take it over under the umbrella of a Federal agency.

    Unfortunately, Holder and his boss are more concerned about the media and building a voting block among the factions that support the violent actions then the people of the town itself who have been thrown under the bus in their efforts to build up their power.

      JackRussellTerrierist in reply to rscalzo. | March 13, 2015 at 11:52 pm

      Holder and Obama are black supremacists and will use all means available, some lawful and some not, to impose that condition on America. They want reparations and anti-white apartheid. No white should ever harm a black, no matter how egregious or violently damaging the black conduct is. That’s one reason why Holder is on a gun control rampage. He wants to render law-abiding white citizens defenseless.

      Critical Race Theory 101.

    Empress Trudy | March 13, 2015 at 9:24 am

    Abolish all local government, PD and municipal services. Place everything under direct Federal control of the DoJ. Suspend all state and local laws and state and local taxation. Put the US army on the streets for local policing duty. And in the longer run, break Ferguson off from the state of Missouri and make it a Federal Protectorate which is governed by a White House appointed Viceroy who has sole authority over all laws and policy.

    George Soros spent 33 million last summer to keep the fighting, burning and looting going, and he will probably spend 66 million this summer.

    George Soros needs to be stopped.

    Glenn Reynolds:

    For all the attention the Obama Administration has paid to the Ferguson Police Department, they don’t seem to be doing a very good job with the law enforcement agencies that are actually their responsibility.


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