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    Darren Wilson Cleared by DOJ of Civil Rights Violations

    Darren Wilson Cleared by DOJ of Civil Rights Violations

    The shooting of Mike Brown by the former Ferguson, MO police officer triggered weeks of riots and protests

    The New York Times reports that the Department of Justice has released an extensive report (embedded below) clearing former Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson of civil rights violations in the shooting death of Mike Brown in August 2014.

    Wilson’s shooting of Brown led to weeks of often violent protests, including repeated nights of looting and arson. These protests, largely organized by Al Sharpton and similar racial activists, left portions of Ferguson in ruins.

    In November 2014 Darren Wilson received a no true bill from the grand jury empaneled to hear criminal charges against him, sparking additional riots. He shortly thereafter resigned from the Ferguson police department, and has stayed out of the news since. We covered the grand jury’s findings extensively here at Legal Insurrection, including here:

    Analysis: #Ferguson Grand Jury: NO Indictment In Michael Brown Shooting

    In considering civil rights charges against Wilson the Department of Justice ultimately determined that the credible witnesses and forensic evidence overwhelmingly favored Wilson’s narrative of lawful self-defense. The witnesses whose testimony favored a narrative of racist misconduct were found to be lies, inconsistent with the forensic evidence, or simply not credible relative to the witnesses favorable to Wilson’s narrative.

    A Department of Justice investigation continues into the Ferguson police department generally, on the basis that the department has engaged in racist activity. The specific examples noted by the New York Times, however, seem only to illustrate mockery of President Obama and his wife, rather than black people generally.

    A report from that investigation found a wide pattern of discrimination by the city’s police force, and said that city officials had sent racist emails on their government accounts. One depicted President Obama as a chimpanzee. Another included a photo of topless African women with the caption, “Michelle Obama’s high school reunion.”

    One can’t help but recall the thousands of Progressive depictions of President George W. Bush as a chimpanzee during his administration.  Not racism, I guess.

    As promised, here is the DOJ report finding no grounds for civil rights charges against Darren Wilson:

    –-Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

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    Selective outrage is a cornerstone of a pro-choice religion or moral philosophy.

    lawdoc | March 5, 2015 at 12:59 am

    I guess a pregnant Condoleezza Rice carrying a chimpanzee is not racist.

    No wonder Holder’s so upset about this. The DoJ is forced to give up on a perfectly good prosecution simply because the witnesses are liars or simply unreliable, completely at odds with the physical evidence, and cannot satisfy a standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. That such small issues can hold back a prosecution the masses yearn for is an indictment of American society.

    I am being sarcastic. But someone else thinks this without sarcasm, and that is a bit scary.

    It doesn’t seem that they had time to conduct a full investigation. It’s more likely that they are relying on statistical inference or weak evidence. Do the statistics reveal a causal relationship or DOJ prejudice?

    Twanger | March 6, 2015 at 5:48 pm

    Oh well.
    At least we have the civil trial to look forward to, because there just may be some money in this for the Brown family yet.

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