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    No more finest hours

    No more finest hours

    The 50th Anniversary of the death of Sir Winston Churchill.

    Britain stood alone.

    In today’s terms, the liberal punditry and political machine would tell us that Britain was on the wrong side of history, and that the rising tide in mainland Europe needed to be accommodated, joined, and imported, not fought.

    Except Britain wasn’t on the wrong side of history, because the number of countries and people adhering to an ideology doesn’t make right or wrong. Not then, or now.

    Britain had a leader who saw that point.

    50 years ago today Winston Churchill died.

    Winston Churchill Death Daily Telegraph

    He had his finest hour. And so did we.

    But that was then. This is now.

    Unless the political and cultural trajectory in the West changes with regard to the rise of tyranny in the modern world, and unless we elect leaders willing to fight it and call it what it is, I’m not sure we will have that finest hour again.

    (More on that video image in a later post)

    Update: New related post, No-Jew-Go Zones.


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    He did lead well, but got soft on Joe Stalin. Ask the Europeans who lived under the Iron Fist after Yalta.

      JOHN B in reply to JerryB. | January 25, 2015 at 5:13 pm

      Churchill warned Roosevelt about Stalin many times but Roosevelt ignored him and went along with uncle Joe. Roosevelt’s administration was full of Stalin supporters.

      Shortly after the war was over, Churchill was no longer in power and the US and others were tired of war and Stalin’s American followers did all they could to promote the cause.They continued the message given by the terrible US propaganda movies which were made to justify our saving the USSR and which glorified the Communists.

    Exasperated | January 25, 2015 at 10:41 am

    Some of my family are WASPs not too far removed from the green and sceptered isle; they do kinda believe that there will always be an Arthur(Alfred, Drake, Wellington, Nelson). Imagine all the face palming over it being BiBi. When Bibi speaks to Congress, I hope he does channel Winnie, and give the speech of his life.

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