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    New #Ferguson Video Released: Looters Invade Market Because #Justice

    New #Ferguson Video Released: Looters Invade Market Because #Justice

    This is what some people want democracy to look like.

    A newly released video shows a mob of Ferguson protesters breaking into and looting a small grocery store in the nearby town of Dellwood.

    The store has been looted multiple times and in December, the owner said he might close his business.

    As you watch this, you might find yourself wondering: What does this have to do with justice for Michael Brown? The answer is nothing.

    This is just a mob urged on, at least indirectly, by liberal political rhetoric of class and race warfare.

    No audio is needed but if you get bored watching them try to break in through the door, just skip to the 2:20 mark to see them break the wall down instead. What a classy way to honor Michael Brown’s memory.

    As I mentioned, this is a new video and police are asking for help from the public in identifying the criminals.

    Noah Rothman of Hot Air has more on that:

    The surveillance video features a variety of unmasked young men attempting for nearly two-and-a-half minutes to break through a secure door. After repeatedly failing in that task, the industrious rioters simply break down the building’s adjacent wall. The barrier having been removed, a deluge of looters cascade into the store and proceed to nearly empty it of contents in little more than 200 seconds.

    Police have purportedly released this video in the hopes that the public would help investigators identify the over 180 looters who ransacked the building. But some are not buying that claim. They say that the release of this video is designed to shape public opinion and frame those who took to the streets to protest the grand jury decision in Ferguson as criminals.

    I’m sure Eric Holder will get right on this.

    Featured image via YouTube.


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    Are these the lives that matter?

    Feral, animal thugs. Their parents [if they know who mommy and daddy are] taught them well. And most of them are wearing masks, so it will hard to identify. Gee … I wonder if this will be on CNN or MSNBC …

    inspectorudy | January 23, 2015 at 11:51 am

    There is a company near my home and everytime I pass it and read their name it reminds me of Ferguson’s looters. The sign reads “Wildlife Removed”.

    You are seeing the United States version of the Middle Eastern rent-a-mobs. But, I’ll bet these fools did it for free (or just the promise of loot).

    Henry Hawkins | January 23, 2015 at 4:00 pm

    I think they are all racist that wore hoodies in the video. They’re making it seem like there’s a connection between people who wear hoodies and criminal activity. I saw one white girl and a guy in a Guy Fawkes mask, but everyone else was black. I’ll bet all the hoodied people were white hoping to be assumed black, so that makes this a hate crime.

    I hate white people.

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