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    Female LA Dem Communications Dir. plays Intimidation Card on male journalist

    Female LA Dem Communications Dir. plays Intimidation Card on male journalist

    “You’re intimidating my friend, you’re a large man, and she’s a small woman”

    Lee Stranahan of Rebel Pundit is in Louisiana covering Saturday’s Senate runoff election between Mary Landrieu and Bill Cassidy:

    On Monday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana the Black Conservatives Fund held a press conference to show a new video that exposed Opelousas Mayor Don Cravins telling a crowd of black Democrats: “If you early voted, go vote again tomorrow. One more’s not going to hurt and tomorrow we’re going to re-elect Earl Taylor as D.A., so he won’t prosecute you if you vote twice!” ….

    Landrieu’s first move to nip the story in the bud was to announce a press conference across town at the exact same time as the Black Conservatives Fund’s Monday presser. Divide the press and conquer. Nothing to see here.

    Not only did Landrieu hold a counter-press conference to try and stop the Black Conservatives, but the Democrats sent a group of protestors to try and shout down the conference on Monday.

    Here’s where I come in. The undercover video was shot by a Louisiana local, but I did some work on the final video presentations for the Black Conservative Fund. I flew down to Baton Rouge last Friday and I was at Monday’s press conference.

    After the event, I went outside to talk to the loud, chanting protestors. The real action starts about a minute into this video, where the Democrat operative hits my camera while I ask questions of a young woman who was the protest handler.

    In his post at Rebel Pundit, Stranahan highlights that while questioning a female Democratic operative, a second female Democratic operative appears and smacks his camera (at 1:05).

    That second operative who smacked the camera is Kirstin Alvanitakis, Communications Director for the Louisiana Democratic Party.

    The slap at the camera is not what caught my attention, though, but how both the Democratic female operatives played the intimidation card on Stranahan.

    Stranahan asked the first women, who appeared to be there to prevent the protesters from speaking to the press, whether that was her job.  She responded:

    “Are you hassling me? … I think you are.”

    Alvanitakis then steps in, slaps Stranahan’s camera, and  also plays the  intimidation card on Stranahan, accusing him of being intimidating to the first female Landrieu operative (full video below, you can jump ahead to here):

    “You’re intimidating my friend, you’re a large man, and she’s a small woman, please back away. I’m asking you, please back away….”

    When Stranahan says “I didn’t do anything wrong,” Alvanitakis repeats,

    “Please stop intimidating my friend….”

    To which Stranahan responds, “So you’re playing the intimidation card?” And it goes on just like that.

    “I’m asking very kindly as a woman, please walk away…. Sir, I’m asking you as a woman, be a gentleman and walk away.”

    There is nothing in the video showing Stranahan being physically intimidating.  He was just doing what journalists do, asking questions.  And in a public place.  Of protesters.  On a political issue.

    That the Louisiana Democratic Party Communications Director would make such a charge based on gender is really disturbing. It’s a good thing Stranahan had the camera rolling, or who knows what they may have accused him of doing.

    It’s the end-point of the War on Women campaign narrative – the use of gender as a sword and a shield.

    Really disturbing.

    And chilling on the work that journalists do.

    [Note: Alvanitakis claims in the video that James O’Keefe engaged in illegal wire tapping. That’s not true. O’Keefe threatened her with a defamation suit over that statement. Related video here.]


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    Whenever a woman tries this : call her out.

    “I feel intimidated.”

    “Oh, you’re using the mechanism of victimhood and corresponding violence by proxy to intimidate me. Hey, great, now I’ve got it on tape and it’s going out on the net – so anyone else you’ve done this to can prove it’s a pattern of abusive behavior on your part.”

    (yes that’s wordy)

    But, I’ve used it – or some variation thereof. A false accuser’s greatest fear is the loss of that power they are trying to wield. Their PERSONAL fear is no longer being able to use that tool. Their SOCIAL fear is that others can throw it in their face.

    Make it clear that that is exactly what will happen.

    Women, stereotypically, tend to abuse differently than men. With men, as we talk about in society (freely and ad nauseum) it’s direct intimidation and assault.

    With women the mechanism of playing the victim allows her to use violence by proxy (I’m telling mom, the principal, or the police). Take that power away from her and expose her. Don’t threaten to do it – do it.

    Henry Hawkins | December 5, 2014 at 1:12 pm

    That there may be a wisp of sexism or racism somewhere amongst a nation of 315 million people allows exaggerations that are now at a laughable level.

    ATTENTION all white men, huddle up:

    Here’s what we do. Since we are blamed for most racism and all sexism even though we haven’t done anything, we should change our response. Next time one of us is challenged, our reply should be:

    “Yes, that’s right. By secret means we do keep minorities and women down and in their place. So? What are you going to do about it?”

    Think of the position that reply puts them in. The dichotomy changes from: You’re racist (or) sexist!/No we’re not! into something very different: You’re racist (or) sexist!/Yessirree! So what?

    By all means, do what you think you need to do to stop us. Write bills. Develop ‘programs’. And good luck researching what doesn’t exist as you’ve alleged it to be. Good luck making plans to assassinate ghosts of your own making.

    Bearing in mind that the racism and sexism they allege hardly exists, that it is down to trace levels in society, what do they do next if we lie and simply ‘admit’ their allegations?

    Insufficiently Sensitive | December 5, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    It’s instructive to observe this ‘communications director’ ply her tactics to put Stranahan on defense. In this case, they work pretty well – his side of the debate loses a great percentage of his time defending and excusing and I’m-notting. An adjustment of his style is in order. Citizen reporters must prepare themselves to parry such accusations, and to demand pertinent information for reporting. The guy behind the camera needs to be asking, not answering questions.

    Patriot2112 | December 5, 2014 at 2:07 pm

    Now, there’s a suprise! Mary Landrieu a politician famous for winning her elections under the suspicion of election fraud, has a hired crew of protestors. Landrieu, ACORN, & SEIU pioneered the the voter fraud tactics being discussed. The two women who are obviously from California who took exception to a reporter from out of state filming their hired group of protestors will I’m sure be leaving soon. Since the DNC pulled its funding of Landrieu there is no on to pick up the tab at the Sheraton off of Darymple Ave anymore. I’m guessing that since the ringer that was hired to split the vote in the 1st election didn’t siphon off sufficient votes to put the cheating communist into office another term. The Urban League & all the other communist front groups pulled out so they could put their money into hiring proffesional protestors in NY, Chicago & Boston. The DNC & Obama have become desperate to avoid widespread arrests & probably convictions of everyone from Obama down.
    Of course Obama himself is a meglomaniac who is looking to secure his place in world history. If he can get Soros to spend enough money he thinks he can get his “supporters” to burn the country down. Poor thing he fires anyone who tells him anything approaching reality. Surrounded by yes men he still thinks he’s black Jesus.

    katiejane | December 5, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    He should have responded to her that as a lady she should step back and stop acting uncivilized.

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