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    Will Obama go rogue? (Reader Poll)

    Will Obama go rogue? (Reader Poll)

    All he has left is his legacy.

    The most dangerous two years are upon us, as Obama has nothing to lose but his legacy.

    Preserving that legacy, as unpopular as it has proven to be, is all he has now. Obama himself said his policies were on the ballot. And the people spoke last night, rejecting those policies.

    Obama has gutted the Democratic Party. It is a party without a younger generation of leadership.

    The supposed rising female stars who were to lead the War on Women battle charge were wiped out last night — Wendy Davis, Alison Grimes, Mary Burke. Add to them the loss of Kay Hagan and the likely December runoff loss for Mary Landrieu.

    Last night, by contrast, saw the rise of Elise Stefanik, Mia Love, Joni Ernst, and numerous other Republicans who are the future of the party, joining other next generation leaders from the 2010 wave.

    In a party devoid of a short term future, Obama has a choice — give up at least some of his legacy, or go rogue, using his executive powers to continue to push his agenda despite the wave election rejecting his policies.

    Politico suggests there will be no pivot.

    What’s it gonna be?

    Will Obama go rogue?

    Poll open until midnight Pacific Time today


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    Subotai Bahadur | November 5, 2014 at 2:22 pm

    The most dangerous two years are upon us, as Obama has nothing to lose but his legacy.

    Preserving that legacy, as unpopular as it has proven to be, is all he has now.

    The only legacy that he cares about is the destruction of the United States and its Constitution. He may well have succeeded already. But he has literally no barrier to completing that in the next two years if he decides he is not done.

    He is going to effectively try to rule by decree. There will be no resistance from the Republicans, because they do not view him as they enemy. They believe that they have defeated their main enemy; conservatives and the TEA Party. To them, Cochrane’s win in Mississippi after they conspired with the Democrats against their own party is proof. McConnell long ago promised to destroy the TEA Party, and he also promised to give the filibuster back to the Democrats.

    There are all sorts of flashpoints. Watch Connecticut. Malloy won re-election, so we can expect him to follow through on his gun confiscation promise under their registration and confiscation law. That is not going to go down peacefully.

    In Colorado, it seems that the Democrat fraud machine kept Hickenlooper in office [barring Republican poll watchers in Boulder County, deliberate flaws in the mail in voting system that allow college students to frequently vote twice, documented efforts by Democrats to steal the ballots of those who decided not to vote and vote them, and of course more votes than people in several counties]. This means that his gun confiscation laws passed in his first term will not be repealed [non-PC guns are “grandfathered”, but when challenged by any government official you have to produce the original sales receipt immediately or they are confiscated]. Plus his attempts [with the Republicans] to repeal our Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

    The vote yesterday was not an unmixed victory. It is more like ripping the scab off of the wound, and there are no unmixed happy endings.

    Barry went rogue the moment he decided to run for office.

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