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    #Ferguson protests boil over

    #Ferguson protests boil over

    Ferguson is broken.

    Last night’s grand jury verdict vindicating officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown sent the people of Ferguson, Missouri into a tailspin. Even as the verdict was being read, reports began to trickle in of vandalism, looting, and violence against police officers attempting to keep the peace.

    The racially charged case in Ferguson has inflamed tensions and reignited debates over police-community relations even in cities hundreds of miles from the predominantly black St. Louis suburb. For many staging protests Monday, the shooting was personal, calling to mind other galvanizing encounters with local law enforcement.

    Police departments in several major cities said they were bracing for large demonstrations with the potential for the kind of violence that marred nightly protests in Ferguson after Brown’s killing. Demonstrators there vandalized police cars, hugged barricades and taunted officers with expletives Monday night while police fired smoke canisters and pepper spray. Gunshots were heard on the streets.

    (added) Mark Levin notes how the lawlessness is a symptom, not the cause:

    Ferguson burns and violence has been unleashed thanks to the reckless liberal media, the lawless administration (especially Eric Holder) exploiting the shooting to smear police departments across the nation, phony civil rights demagogues, race-baiting politicians, and radical hate groups.

    The lies about why and how Officer Darrin Wilson shot Michael Brown started on day one and never ended. The indisputable facts are that Brown was shot because he assaulted a police officer, attempted to take the officer’s pistol resulting in two close range gun shots in the police cruiser, and then turned around and charged the officer as he was being pursued. The entire event was precipitated by Brown earlier stealing cigars from a local store and assaulting the owner.

    What we are witnessing now is the left’s war on the civil society. It’s time to speak out in defense of law enforcement and others trying to protect the community and uphold the rule law.

    Michael Brown’s mother was caught on camera lashing out both against the grand jury verdict, and against repeated calls for calm from officials. Rebel Pundit has the video:

    Across the country, activists and average joes took to the streets to protest the verdict, and speak out against the alleged racism and institutional violence they believe led to the death of Michael Brown.



    New York City:

    Los Angeles:


    Washington, D.C.:

    It was chaos, and it apparently isn’t over yet:

    I could do a lot of pontificating about race in America, or about how it isn’t productive to burn down your own neighborhood, but at this point all I’ll say is, please pray for the people in and around Ferguson.

    All the reason in the world isn’t going to bring back what was lost in Ferguson this year. The only thing left to do is drag Ferguson out of the dark, and rebuild.

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    Midwest Rhino | November 25, 2014 at 8:13 am

    Even Brian on FOX says “in the end there wasn’t enough to indict”.

    How about … “in the end evidence clearly vindicated the officer.” Wilson was given no choice, as Brown again was attacking him.

    So many try so hard to add a little moral equivalence to the story. Obama on the other hand, can hardly blame the black gangster culture at all, he thinks it’s the police that need more work.

    No moral equivalence for Obama/Holder/Sharpton … white cops act stupidly, blacks need to “stay the course”. That’s the black liberation theology way.

    This could/should drive a wedge between the black gangsters, and the blacks that want to save their neighborhoods FROM the gangs. But with Obama choosing Sharpton’s side, blacks in favor of building a safe neighborhood would have to rebuke Obama.

      Midwest Rhino in reply to Midwest Rhino. | November 25, 2014 at 8:44 am

      Even Greta was getting in on the moral equivalence. She was insisted that EVERYONE was taking sides, instead of letting the system work.

      NO GRETA, people that took a thorough look at available evidence could see that Brown indeed had turned back and charged at Wilson. That shots were fired at the vehicle before that. That there was the stealing. And even then “we” were willing to see all the evidence and accept the grand jury (itself maybe unnecessary, except for Holder pressure) decision.

      The “side” we were on was the justice system, wherever it led, even with the Holder thumb on the scales.

      The other side was Sharpton’s “no justice (conviction), no peace”. That ‘s the lawless (Obama) side.

      I’m really tired of the spread of the Obama style moral equivalence of everything, as they view from above. O’Reilly can do that too, as he picks the middling position, which helps ratings I guess. But “fair and balanced” has to have a more solid center on which to set the scales.

      Of course most networks just do stagecraft and propaganda to present their leftist advocacy as “right”.

      Even Brian on FOX says “in the end there wasn’t enough to indict”.

      How about … “in the end evidence clearly vindicated the officer.”

      The Grand Jury is there to either indict or not indict, based on the evidence at hand. The reason they didn’t indict was because there wasn’t enough evidence to indict.

      They’re not there to either find guilt, or conversely to vindicate. That’s not their role.

        Midwest Rhino in reply to Amy in FL. | November 25, 2014 at 12:13 pm

        That’s a good point, but this was Brian’s analysis. Saying “not enough” would be fair if we didn’t get to see all the evidence ourselves.

        Maybe I’m being a little picky, but it seems that only saying “not enough” leaves too much room for “almost but not quite”. But the facts were laid out for us, so we can look at what they saw, not just go by the up or down decision.

        And people are burning and looting over whether a trial should have determined that. So listeners would be well served to get a more complete picture, which I believe is exactly why the prosecutor laid it all out so clearly. So people would not walk away thinking it was a close call.

          Midwest Rhino in reply to Midwest Rhino. | November 25, 2014 at 12:21 pm

          More clearly “not enough” indicates there was some.

          But having the evidence laid out we can see “there was vindication”. The prosecutor wanted us (felt it best served the citizenry) to see vindication, as OPPOSED to just a bare “no true bill”.

          That is his job, (we didn’t actually hear directly from the grand jury anyway) and he did it.

          Then the next step is for Brian to communicate what the prosecutor communicated, which was that whole message, not just “not enough”.

          But thanks for making me make it clearer, to myself as well. I probably need an editor usually. 🙂

            Midwest Rhino in reply to Midwest Rhino. | November 25, 2014 at 12:27 pm

            next edit … “prosecutor wanted”, in my opinion. It seems clear the point of this unique action by the prosecutor was specifically to remove a lot of doubt (which Brian reinserted, imo). But I can’t read his mind.

            No problem – IANAL, so I may well be off-target 😉

            I /am/ getting a little bit confused about the number of people calling this a “verdict”, though. Even the author of this blog post. I had thought that /verdicts/ were for trials — Grand Juries announce /decisions/ or /indictments/.

            This wasn’t a trial, it wasn’t meant to meant to hand down a “guilty” or “not guilty” verdict, but a decision as to whether Wilson should or should not be indicted, and whether he should or should not face trial.

            Anyway, it’s not a big deal, but as I said I’m getting confused about all this imprecise terminology (and that’s just on blogs, news sites and Twitter, I don’t even have a TV!).

            In my opinion, the Grand Jury made the right decision, and I think that even if they had decided to indict and it then went to trial, that Wilson probably would have been found not guilty. And the looters and rioters would have been looting and rioting /then/, instead of /now/. C’est la vie.

            Midwest Rhino in reply to Midwest Rhino. | November 25, 2014 at 2:40 pm

            ianal either … lol. The grand jury had power to convict, but one guy on TV called this a “hybrid” since the prosecutor seemed to use them as back up for his decision, since he was declared biased due to his father being killed by a black guy.

            The verdict was announced by the mob weeks ago … GUILTY.
            So the kangaroo court now gets to see evidence that exonerates, but Wilson will still “serve time” since the SJW’s will try to hunt him down. heh

            It’s like the old TV show “Branded” … but you’re way too young for that. lol

      ConradCA in reply to Midwest Rhino. | November 25, 2014 at 1:57 pm

      Brown was shot in the hand while it was inside the car next to his gun. Thus he left a blood trail that shows his movements as he fled from the officer, turned and charged the officer. This supports the officers testimony.

    I believe the picture of the store with the fire inside is a of a Walgreens. KMOV had a live helicopter feed of that store last night. They were looting it even while it was burning.

    Insufficiently Sensitive | November 25, 2014 at 8:31 am

    There hasn’t been a peep from the media about the relentless organization for this very debacle. ‘Activists’ in Ferguson doing ‘training’ sessions, publishing lists of buildings to target, offering a reward for the capture of Officer Wilson. Media prefers to reap the harvest of screen spectacle without acknowledging the organized (and funded) efforts to bring it into effect.

    And what’s with the Mayor being refused his requests for assistance from the National Guard units that were brought to town some days ago in ‘preparation’ to keep order? Where’s the Governor? Taking orders from Eric Holder?

    Who benefits from this example of unopposed lynch-mob behavior? What’s it a precedent for?

    Pogo Hears a Who | November 25, 2014 at 8:44 am

    The St. Louis population was 857K in 1950, 618K in 1970, and now stands at 318K.
    Because of the race riots, Ferguson and St. Louis MO are dead.

    It will take several years, but there is no recovery from this. A perpetually angry and aggrieved black population will be too unsafe to live by.

    Who is going to chance tourism in St. Louis next spring?
    Who will send their kids to colleges there?
    Who will rebuild looted and burned businesses?
    Who will move there to start a new life, to start a family?

    No one.
    They’ve been leaving by the thousands for 50-plus years. This just makes the exit more certain.

    Lesley McSpadden – “Some of you motherf*%kers think this is a joke!”

    No Ma’am, we think you’re the joke.
    Looks like the road apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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