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    “White Guys: We Suck and We’re Sorry” — Parody or Not?

    “White Guys: We Suck and We’re Sorry” — Parody or Not?

    Saturday Night Card Game — It’s getting hard to tell these days what is real and what is parody.

    When it comes to racial politics on campus, unfortunately, it’s not parody, it just seems that way sometimes.

    The obsession with race from the left often reaches the point of unaware self-parody.

    This video is a prime example of how hard it is to tell sometimes (via Gateway Pundit h/t reader J):

    Parody, or not?

    Or both?

    Remember, if you are going to be critical, you should check your privilege.


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    At least they’re not complaining about how hard life is because they’re all such good looking ??straight?? guys.

    Oh wait.

    Mannie | May 11, 2014 at 9:21 am

    Those pansy boys may suck and be sorry. I am not. I am proud to be an American. My sexuality is none of your effing business, nor is yours, mine.

    Get over yourselves, and grow a pair.

    southcentralpa | May 11, 2014 at 10:45 am

    To worry about whether it’s parody or not is to miss the point, me thinks. It smacks of self-censorship, methinks, in that it would only be okay to laugh if it was parody.

    It’s ridiculous and funny. Laugh. Worry about the rest of it later. If it’s intentionally funny, great. If it’s untintentionally funny, all the better — ridicule is the only thing that will stop these people.

    The “check your privilege” people’s heads would explode (figuratively) if every time they said that, people laughed at them.

    Ronbo | May 11, 2014 at 12:12 pm

    I think it is parody…political satire.

    healthguyfsu | May 12, 2014 at 1:11 pm

    Youtube comments sections often reveal unexpected clarity. It’s not really parody of the opinion being offered (unless this comment is also a parody).

    From the video’s author:
    +Nomad Atheist First off, thanks for being civil, it’s appreciated. My point wasn’t to bully other white guys and make them feel bad to make other groups feel better. The video isn’t serious, it’s only trying to point out that being born a white man comes with innate advantages (in America, in the 20th/21st centuries. Yes, I recognize white people have been persecuted in the past in other parts of the world. This aside isn’t aimed at you, by the way, but at other commenters). Obviously there will always be exceptions to the rule, but overall, male whiteness makes life a little bit easier. The video is merely a tongue-in-cheek recognition of our inherited advantage and why we sometimes overreact to others criticizing it. Nobody likes being told they’re coddled or privileged, because we see it as diminishing our accomplishments.

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